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These beefy adult film stars are getting hitched 12 years after shooting their first scene together

When adult film stars Ruggero Freddi (a.k.a. Carlo Masi) and Gustavo Leguizamon first met on set over a decade ago, they never in a million years thought they’d spend the rest of their lives together.

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“Gustavo and I met during the shooting of his first movie in Sacramento,” Ruggero tells Pink News. “Being the biggest star of the company, I introduced myself expecting that a newcomer would know who I was–but he pretended he didn’t know.”

Ruggero was just visiting the set that day and wasn’t scheduled to film any scenes. He and Gustavo immediately hit it up. After their chance encounter, the guys kept in touch. The hung out a few times then Ruggero asked a producer to write a scene for the them.

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“I spoke to the producer and asked if I could shoot a scene with him,” he recalls. “One month later, the night before we shot the scene together, we slept together and fell in love.”

But their love affair hasn’t been without its challenges.

“Of course, nobody took us seriously,” Ruggero says. “A love story born on a porn set lasts as long as a rose does: three days.”

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“But 12 years later here we are, getting married in a few days.”

The guys will be wed later this week at Villa Miani in Rome, Italy. It will be a black tie event and the grooms plan on arriving in a Rolls-Royce.

Ruggero now teaches math at La Sapienza University of Rome. He made international headlines last fall when his students discovered his porno past.

“I never experienced any discrimination against me, neither when I came out as a gay man nor when people found out what I did before I became a maths professor,” he says.

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