Being Gay In Iraq’s Bad News

British activist Peter Tatchell informs us that an Iraqi gay activist was gunned down at a barber shop this morning. This is only one of many, many murders carried out since the American invasion, most of which are carried out by organized death squads.

Tatchell wrote a good summation of the violence in today’s edition of the Guardian, which went to press before the most recent assassination.

After the jump, a video on the “sexual cleansing.” It’s very depressing and called Gay Life, Gay Death in Iraq.

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  • tallskin

    I won’t make any comments about murdering muslims, honest I won’t.

    I really won’t, cos islam is a religion of peace and love and mohammed was a prophet of peace who didn’t launch raiding parties against all the surrounding tribes who refused to bow to him, and he didn’t marry a nine year old girl. And muslims have never, in their long history, never, ever been aggressive to anyone.

    Peace and love, maaaaaaaan.

  • John

    In Arabic, Islam comes from the verb “to surrender.” It is, therefore, usually translated into English as a religion based upon “submission” to God. The whole “religion of peace” mantra was actually developed by that great Muslim scholar, Ayatollah George W. Bush, in a speech given at the Islamic Center of Washington DC on September 17, 2001.

  • Madam HoVery

    @tallskin: Let’s see, now we are talking aggression against gays and other nations? Never happens in our christian world, of course not! We never attacked a soverign country like India or massacared the Aztecs forced opium to the Chinese-nope! We never killed and attacked gays like Matthew Sheperd or any others coming out of a gay bar–hell no! If we were any more just, we would sprout wings and become angels!

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