Belgian Actor Jelle Florizoone Comes Out, Looks Happy As Can Be With BF

Jelle Florizoone with his boyfriend Amir. Via Instagram.
Jelle Florizoone with his boyfriend Amir. Via Instagram.

Belgian actor Jelle Florizoone, 20, has come out as gay, saying that he is, “Finally happy.”

Florizoone is best known in his home country for his role in the movie North Sea Texas and in the children’s TV show ROX.

He spoke with Belgian magazine Het Laatste Nieuwswith about his relationship with Egyptian boyfriend Amir, whom he met not long after breaking up with his ex after a two year relationship. He says the “spark hit” when the two met at a party and began talking.

“A breakup is never fun, but I’m still young and that’s part of life. Life is a learning process with ups-and-downs. Of course I hope that road will be smooth, but that is unfortunately not the case. I learned from my previous relationship, because I have made mistakes,” Florizoone told the magazine.

“I’m attracted to dark-haired types because I’m blonde,” he added about his type. “But I particularly like people with a story. Sure you first look at the outward appearance, but the difference between a flirt and a relationship has to be the content.”

Florizoone tweeted out his joy following upon the article’s publication:

He has also been posting plenty of happy couple photos on Instagram.

Magic everywhere! ? °o°

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This man deserves a ? for his clumsiness. ?

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Bear necessities. ? #JungleBook

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In North Sea Texas he played the part of a boy who falls in love with another boy. During press for the movie, which came out in 2011, Florizoone was asked about playing a gay character.

“When I read the scenario for the first time, I had the feeling, ‘Help!'” a young and still closeted Florizoone said. He also expressed nerves at going to the premiere with family.

“I think it’s going to be really weird tonight,” he said. “They will be looking at the screen in front of me. And they will see me fooling around with another boy. It’s a little bit embarrassing.

He said the response from his family was positive. Hopefully they are just as supportive now that they know he didn’t just play gay, but is the real article. Based on his “finally happy” remark, we are guessing they responded well to the news.

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