Benham Brothers Fear “Poisonous Vine” Of Gayness Choking And Raping “Every Sphere Of America”


The Benham Brothers have penned an op-ed about the fallout surrounding North Carolina’s new anti-LGBTQ law signed by homophobic Gov. Pat McCrory last week.

“Last week was a crazy week for the state of North Carolina,” the twinsies write. “The hoopla around HB2 (House Bill 2), which overturned Charlotte’s radical bathroom bill, indicates just how demanding and pervasive the roots of the sexual revolution are in our country.”

The failed reality stars then take aim at all the companies — from the NBA and Apple to American Airlines and PayPal — that had publicly condemned the new law, as well groups like the ACLU that have vowed to challenge it in federal court.

“This is the pattern of the sexual revolution’s mob,” the brother’s opine, “surrounding its prey, forcing its will on all who stand in the way.”

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“Today’s sexual revolution is simply new fruit coming from the same vine,” the Christian warriors continue, “the vine of Sodom.”

The vine, they say, “has pervaded every sphere of society, capturing both young and old. And anyone standing in the way will be surrounded by an angry mob demanding participation.” Not only that but it’s growing in “fertile soil” and carries a “deadly poison that erodes the moral fabric of a nation.” It is “demanding and pervasive” and “refuses to be told, ‘no.'”

“Nothing short of a miracle will stop its deadly poison,” they warn. “It’s poisoning our land. It has nearly taken over everything and is forcing itself on everyone.”

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“The sexual revolution is ‘blind’ to its own rage and hate,” the brothers ramble on without the slightest hint of irony. “It has no capacity for reason. It has no ability to see its own hypocrisy or discern its hopeless future. It just forces itself on others regardless of cost or consequence.”

So what can be done to stop this invasive weed from overtaking the garden known as the United States of America? Why, Jesus H. Christ, of course!

“Its ultimate defeat will come when we humble ourselves in repentance and seek God’s face once again,” the brothers say. “Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to defeat the real root of the vine of Sodom.”

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