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Bernie Sanders Breaks Down The Worst Case Scenario Of A Trump Presidency


Bernie Sanders was quick to state the obvious during his Monday night appearance on The Late Show, succinctly telling Stephen Colbert that “it’s been a tough week.”

Above and beyond the incredible bigotry of the Trump campaign, what he did was he tapped into a lot of pain and anxiety and angst that the American people are feeling which is very rarely reported in the media or understood by the punditry….At the end of the Trump campaign Trump was posing as a hero of the working class of America. Now I happen not to believe him. I hope I’m wrong….

Hillary Clinton ended up with two million more votes than Donald Trump. So don’t think of this as a massive success for Trump. He lost the popular vote. Second of all, he comes into the White House as the least popular candidate in the history of this country.”

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Later, Saunders discusses what the worst case scenario of Trump’s presidency would look like:

The worst case, if not Trump himself, people around Trump are saying, ‘hmm, let’s see, we’ve got the House, the Senate, we’ve got the White House, we’re going to have the Supreme Court, we’re going to change the rules of the game so we don’t lose anymore.’ … They can make it worse by doing away with all campaign finance laws…and on top of that they will move forward more vigorously in voter suppression.

Making it harder for poor people, for old people, for people of color to actually vote. Put up all kinds of restrictions. You do those things -unleash billionaires to buy elections – make it hard for millions of people to participate, they think they can control this government indefinitely.”

Watch segment one and segment two below: