Bette Midler’s Twitter Shade Campaign Continues With Caitlyn Jenner Dig

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Who would have thought Bette Midler would become one of our favorite people on Twitter?

Actually, given the bawdy entertainer’s background and wit, it doesn’t seem all that surprising.

Earlier this month the Divine Miss M got into it with Justin Bieber, proving that it’s not use to try and out-shade her.

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And now her attention has moved to a subject that many seem to be thinking but few are will to say: Caitlyn Jenner and her inexplicable Republican values.

Here’s the Tweet she fired off after Jenner went public with her 2016 presidential voting plans:

While many nodded their heads in agreement at the oddity someone voting against their own community’s self-interests (unless you count “rich white women” as the community in question here, of which Midler and Jenner are both card carrying members), the comment has unsurprisingly ruffled the feathers of other paradoxical groups like the Log Cabin Republicans.

They had a message of their own:

Bette Midler YOU are the one who is “uninformed” — your definition of “diversity” is people who only think like you!

Posted by Log Cabin Republicans on Sunday, November 22, 2015