Beyoncé’s Obama Onesies: Cutest Campaign Couture Ever

Though he may not have Romney’s cache of financially-wealthy, morally-bankrupt backers, Barack Obama is no stranger to raising big bucks. With the help of BFF Anna Wintour, Obama has recruited some A-list designers and a few A-list celebrities to design merch for his “Runway to Win” initiative.

Beyoncé and mom Tina Knowles of House of Deréon “fame” created some adorable onesies that Blue Ivy will no doubt be sporting ’round town so get them while you can. That baby is marketing gold. Sadly, though, these onesies don’t come in adult sizes.

Meanwhile, proud GDILF Ricky Martin fashioned an “Unidos” T-shirt and Sarah Jessica Parker teamed with new fave designer, Tracy L. Cox of Faster Than Paris, for a “Viva Obama” tee.  Other designers include Diane von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Tory Burch. A bag by superstar stylist Rachel Zoe is currently “coming soon.”

Between the always fabulous Michelle “Touch This Skin” Obama, fashionistas-on-the-rise Sasha and Malia and “Runway to Win,” Obama is running the most stylish campaign in history. Of course, he could be campaigning in a burlap sack covered in human feces and still come off looking a lot better than Mitt Romney.