‘Big Brother’ contestant praises show for representation and fans are like “Um, what representation?”

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Big Brother Season 22 contestant Kevin “KC” Campbell recently praised the show for its “representation” and literally nobody knows what the hell he’s talking about.

In last night’s episode, Campbell spoke about his life outside the Big Brother house.

The 40-year-old ad exec revealed that, as a young person, he was often bullied for seeming “too feminine” and praised the show for giving him an opportunity to inspire other “little Kevins” by offering positive representation LGBTQ people.

While Campbell may think the show does a stellar job in representation department, pretty much everyone else disagrees.

Season 22, in particular, has been heavily criticized for having almost no representation, featuring only one couple of color.

This past June, openly gay Season 15 contestant Andy Herren put out a statement drawing attention to the glaring lack of diversity this season.

“It is important to speak up because Big Brother has always had a problem with minority representation,” Herren said. “There are usually at most two Black houseguests and one gay houseguest and Latino and Asian representation is even worse.”

Herren also noted that “straight white males compromise 12 of the 21 winners of the show, which is so crazy when you really break it down.”

In comparison, Herren said, “Gay houseguests, for example, [they] are never afforded this luxury. There is always just one. They are simply a side character–an obstacle for the straight people to overcome on their way to the finish line.”