Big Gay Road Trip: Minneapolis

With our stomachs still protesting over all the Wis-Mex that we ate earlier in the afternoon, we arrived in Minneapolis ready to go see some music at the legendary venue First Avenue, where the documentary Purple Rain immortalized one of Prince’s most awesome concerts.


The lineup last night included a few indie bands, but our favorite was Sunset Rubdown, from Montreal. It is a new project for frontman Spencer Krug of the popular Canadian band Wolf Parade. Spencer plays a mean piano, writes songs with a perfect dramatic arc, and emotes the hell out of every note with his nasal, on-the-verge-of-breaking vocals. Plus he sweats a lot. In fact he sweated through his thin cotton t-shirt within the first five minutes of the set, and we did not complain. See more photos of the band plus a very special commemorative photo after the jump.

Spencer is just starting to get worked up.

The other two boys in the band are also very cute.

Prince perhaps stood in this very spot.

Sunset Rubdown [Official Site]

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