Homos Don't Smoke Pot, Like Britney

Bill O’Reilly Offers His Gay “View” On Children

Bill O’Reilly got all chatty with The View ladies yesterday. And he brought flowers for Whoopi! No, the Fox News windbag wasn’t embracing his inner gay: he simply popped in to promote his children’s new book, Kids Are American, Too. It’s quite a shocking title, because we didn’t think children were truly American until they turned 18, when they can vote, fornicate and play the lotto. Thanks, O’Reilly!

In addition to opening our eyes on children’s citizenship, O’Reilly gives us a look into his “thug” childhood and his ideas on bullying. Did you know that the gays and the religious kids are the most bullied? That’s what O’Reilly says. So, who’s picking on these guppies? Britney Spears fans and the cool stoners. Apparently gays can’t like Britney Spears fans or pot. That’s news to us – and makes us question our sexuality!