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Billy Eichner asks straight people if they’ll watch his new movie, ‘Bros’

Paul Rudd and Billy Eichner quiz a member of the public about Bros
Paul Rudd and Billy Eichner quiz a member of the public about Bros (Photo: Twitter)

One of the vehicles that propelled Billy Eichner to fame was his comedy quiz show, Billy On The Streets. He retired that show three years ago to concentrate on new projects. The Covid pandemic also made it hard to film.

However, Eichner resurrected it this week to help promote his brand new movie, Bros.

Bros is the first gay romcom made by a major studio to get a nationwide theatrical release, and which features an LGBTQ cast in all its lead roles. For it to be a success, Eichner is hoping that it’s not just the LGBTQ community who turn out to see the film.

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To this end, he teamed up with “beloved straight man” Paul Rudd to quiz people. Both wore ‘Bros’ T-shirts.

“I’m out here back on the street with famous and beloved straight man Paul Rudd,” Eichner says at the start of the clip. “We’re going to spread the word about my new movie ‘Bros.’ … Let’s bro!”

“Lots of gay sex”

Eichner is blunt that the movie features “a lot of gay sex”, prompting a hesitant “Oooh” reaction from one previously enthusiastic member of the public.

“We’re rounding up straight people to go see my movie, Bros,” he tells one woman, who becomes super excited at the sight of Paul Rudd.

Another woman walks off, saying “sorry” about not wanting to be involved in the filming. This prompts Eichner to scream, “I’m sorry I’m not Florence Pugh!”

After Rudd, Eichner takes to the street again “with a pack of wild lesbians” to try and persuade more people.

One man who asks him if rapper Playboi Carti is in the film. He is not. After he challenges Eichner to name a Playboi Carti song, the host retorts by demanding, “name one song by Barbra Streisand, bitch!”

Watch to the end, when Eichner encounters a man, “too gay even for Bros.”

Bros hits theaters on September 30. Watch the trailer below.

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