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Billy Eichner just previewed his new gay movie, sex scenes and all

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Comedian Billy Eichner has shown the world its first look at Bros, his new LGBTQ-themed romantic comedy. While presenting at the industry convention CinemaCon this week, the actor-writer of the film took to the stage to introduce the trailer which offered the first indication that he will also perform a nude scene in the movie.

Brosdirected by Nicholas Stoller, will feature an entirely LGBTQ cast. Details on the plot remain scant as usual, though yesterday, Eichner did offer a few hints about what eager moviegoers can expect.

“It’s about how hard it is to find another compatible human being to go through life with,” Eichner said, reports Deadline. “We realize we are in the motion picture business. You don’t think lesbians like Raisinettes? We had two movies about hedgehogs. But let me tell you Vegas, if you like hedgehogs, you’ll love gay people.”

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The trailer itself teased a story about a podcaster (played by Eichner) hired to write a rom-com about gay men.

“Something a straight guy would watch with this girlfriend!” Bobby, Eichner’s character, shouts. “I’m going to do a high-speed chase and make out with Ice Cube? Get butt-f*cked by Jason Momoa while worrying about a volcano?”

Hey, we’d watch that.

The Hollywood Reporter also offered a few more details about the footage, confirming that the film features a four-man orgy sequence, sever scenes in a gym, circuit parties, and at least one shot of Eichner’s nude body…from behind. No word yet on whether he’ll be showing off his full talent in the film.

Bros lands in theatres September 30.

CinemaCon is something of a restricted environment, as it is considered a Hollywood trade show. That said, we have found a couple reactions on Twitter to the Bros trailer. Have a look…