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  • Paid To Protest

    Madonna wannabee, not “faithful.” Wearing a cross is soooo 1980s. Grow up.

  • Ricky

    @Paid To Protest: I like it… and also, I think it’s a tattoo

  • Jorge

    @Paid To Protest: Agreed. Rosaries aren’t jewelry. Does he stand in the mirror and caress his tattooed beads while he prays?

  • fredo777

    Blake is a fantastic dancer. Don’t give a shit about his tats, really.

    Also, he wasn’t a contestant on SYTYCD Canada, but I guess he’s a judge or choreographer on that version of the show now? Anyway, he was a contestant on SYTYCD US version + I think he was cut way too soon.

  • Ricky

    @Jorge: Rasaries are nothing but jewelry to those who don’t believe in those sort of things. It is not my place to say who can and cannot wear one, even though I am more than aware that it is considered sacreligous to wear one. Of course, it is also sacreligous to be a practicing gay who has the audacity to get communion, so what do I care what the Catholic church thinks anyway. ;) (former Catholic junkie… now, not so much)

  • Ricky

    @Jorge: perhaps he does. perhaps he views his body as God’s temple and is therefore closer to God in that regard. I mean, think about it… it is permanently affixed to his body. If he feels the need to pray, he doesn’t have to go very far to get his idol-like props, does he?

  • alan brickman

    “Dancers are the Athletes of the Gods”..Albert Einstein…

  • Jorge

    @Ricky: I wasn’t defending the religion at all, just the rosary. I wasn’t trying to dictate who can wear one either, but if you’re going to permanently tattoo one on your body, that suggests some sort of commitment to the item. You can’t mock me talking about the item and then defend him for tattooing it on his body in the same swoop.

    A rosary isn’t a symbol of faith, it is a tool to help you pray. It’s just tacky, like chinese symbols and tribal tattoos. Why are people committing themselves to these things they have little connection to?

  • Ricky

    @Jorge: actually, I wasn’t mocking you. You may have taken it that way, sure, but that was not my intent. I was mocking the Rosary and it’s use in a religion chock full of idol worshipping (which is supposed to be a no-no). Also, reread that particualr post where I defend him tattooing it on his body. It started out seemingly serious (which, was not the case) but it devolved (or evolved, depending on how you look at it) into a silly jab at him and the religion. I mean, like, everybody knows that if you get a tattoo, your body is no longer a holy temple anyway… cuz like, it’s been desicrated! Duh! :P (note: not mocking you again… in case you misinterpret… though I suppose putting this little disclaimer here is mocking you after all… DRAT, I can’t wiiiiiin!)

  • John

    Gross. He IS a huge fan of Rick Warren. The same Rick Warren who stated on his website that “unwilling to repent” homos wouldn’t be accepted into the church.

  • alan brickman

    I heard he was seeing Rick Warren on the downlow…this wouldn’t surprise me…


    @alan brickman: Ugggh Rick Warren naked……

    I was trying to figger out something snarky to say about the tat of the cross and maybe Warren screaming out “Oh Jesus” when he arrived or something…..But the thought of him and Blake doing it is just too damm icky……….

  • nikko

    @John: How do you know he’s a Rick Warren fan? Proof?


    @John: Blake can’t even spell that vile haters name correctly, what a freakin’ tool……..

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