BlogTracker 2006: Gayness Abounds Today

• Alec Baldwin likes young boys. [Josh & Josh]

• The first entry in our “Gayest Blog Post Ever” contest. In fact, it’s the post that inspired us to spontaneously create the contest, to honor the gayness that seeps from the post’s every word. Start reading at paragraph 2. And read the comments. Quelle drama! God bless. [chip-chat]

• a reader wrote in and asked us to repost the item on the Czech Republic’s approval of civil unions. We feel it’s a significant story, as it was a COMMUNIST COUNTRY not too long ago and can get it together, yet we’re still fighting that battle against the circus of lemmings known as The Evangelical Church. So annoying. Prague is da bomb, by the way. Anyway–here it is. [Queerty]