"Breeder" Not Acceptable

Bouncer Wins Anti-Straight Suit

Some straight harassment bred a lawsuit over in merry ol’ England. Bouncer Sharon Legg and her lawyer successfully argued that gay bar Rubyz Limited’s manager tormented her for liking men.

…Legg from Bournemouth was called “breeder” and “straight”- derogatory terms used in the gay community. She took her case to an employment tribunal and was also awarded £3,222 for unfair dismissal.

She told the tribunal the comments were aimed at her by manager Scott Rhodes.

Mrs Legg said she was dismissed without warning after a dispute with another doorman.

But she was not found to have been sacked because she was heterosexual.

She told the Echo after the tribunal she’d had “quite a lot of support” from the gay community.

Rubyz Limited says they may appeal the ruling.

As for “breeder” and “straight” being derogatory: we’ve never heard of any one coining “straight” as derogatory. We do find “breeder” to be pretty disgraceful, particularly because gay people breed, too.