Boy Scouts Revoke Charter Of Gay-Inclusive Church

Trail Life Boy ScoutsThere’s a showdown brewing in Washington state between a Methodist church and the evil rulers of Boy Scouts of America.

The facts are simple enough. A gay man lead the church’s Scout troop; the national leadership told them they had to get rid of him; they refused to do so; the national leaders revoked the church’s charter; and now everyone’s lawyering up.

We covered the gay scoutmaster a few weeks back. He’s a beloved local leader, a former scout, and a really nice guy.

The Boy Scouts of America, on the other hand, are a pack of liars. Council leader Sharon Moulds claimed that Geoffrey McGrath had “intentions to make a public statement about his orientation and use our program as a means to further a personal agenda.” That’s simply not true, and she knew it. McGrath wasn’t using the program to further a personal agenda. He was using the program to mentor young kids, teach them skills and help them socialize with their peers. That’s pretty much the extent of his personal agenda.

The real reason the national scouting group kicked him out was because they hate the thought of a happy, successful, beloved gay man doing anything. This horseshit about “personal agenda” is simply code for “we have deep-seated prejudices, and we don’t want to have to confront them.”

So now what? GLAAD is backing the church, as are a slew of legislators. The church has attorneys working to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, favorable public opinion of the Scouts continues to drop precipitously, down 14 percent in the last two years.