BREAKING: Joe Biden Says He’s “Absolutely Comfortable” With Marriage Equality

Appearing on the long-running news show Meet the Press today, Vice President Joe Biden told David Gregory he supported gay marriage, but stopped short of saying the Obama administration was on board as well.

Gregory: …The president has said that his views on gay marriage, on same-sex marriage have evolved, but he’s opposed to it. you’re opposed to it. have your views evolved?

Biden: I just think that the good news is that as more and more Americans come to understand what this is all about is a simple proposition: Who do you love? Who do you love? And will you be loyal to the person you love? That’s what people are finding out is what all marriages at their root are about. Whether they’re marriages of lesbians or gay men or heterosexuals.

Gregory: Is that what you believe now?

Biden: that’s what i believe.

Gregory: And you’re comfortable with same-sex marriage now?

Biden: I… look, I am vice president of the United States of America. The president sets the policy. I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. And quite frankly, I don’t see much of a distinction beyond that.

Gregory: In a second term, will this administration come out behind same-sex marriage, the institution of marriage?

Biden: Well, I can’t speak to that. I… I don’t know the answer to that.

If Biden means that he will urge the Administration to push for the repeal of DOMA and the passing of federal marriage-equality legislation, then this is great news indeed. But frankly, that’s not what we were hearing.

But of course, Biden’s never been a great public speaker. At least this time he didn’t curse or anything. (After the show, a Biden spokesperson said Biden had simply underscored points he made before and that there was “no distance between his position and the President’s.”)

The interview covered a wide variety of topics beyond gay rights, including foreign policy, the economy, Mitt Romney and  Osama bin Laden. Biden also cleared up any rumors that he wouldn’t be appearing on the ballot in November: “There’s no way out,” he said. “I mean, they’ve already printed Obama-Biden.”

Well that’s that, then.


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  • nikz

    the vice president said he’s absolutely comfy with same sex marriage? :D

    if anyone starts typing negative/cynic comments now, i give up -.-‘

  • jeff4justice

    The Obama administration brings us war, more erosion of civil liberties, more government secrecy, the perpetuation of the drug war, more environmental destruction, more debt, and on and on.

    If you’re LGBT and closed-minded about voting for an alternative party you’re as stubborn as a heterosexual who refuses to be open-minded about equality.

    People afraid to vote for alternative parties for fear-based reasons are foolish. The 2party system roatets in cycles anyway as it is.

    We went from woman and racial minorities not being able ot vote to being able to. We went from people not thinking we’d never have a black President to electing one. We went from people not thinking we’d never elect openly-gay politicians and we do now. We went from people not thinking we’d never have marriage equality and now we have a handful of states and countries with full marriage equality.

    As disappointed as LGBTs, civil liberty groups, immigrants rights groups, environmental groups, pro-legalization groups and other groups are at Obama + the Occupy momentum we should be able to channel this into electing truly progressive alternative parties that are not corporate puppets like Obama and are also 100% pro-equality.

    To ignore all Obama has done to kill innocent people in needless war, his lack of supporting full equality, the NDAA, the crackdown on protestors rights, allowing the EPA to rearrange radiation standards after the Japan nuclear meltdown, appointing Monsanto heads to the FDA, and now a pending attack on the internet you have to really be a shallow single-issue voter to support Obama.

    YouTube search: 2012 Alternative Party Presidential Debate

  • Kayo

    @jeff4justice: What in the world are you raving about? You are so naive to think Obama is responsible for all of that? A country’s government is a very complex field, where the president is only one player – the one who the headlights shine on. There’s so much behind the curtains, so much going on, things the general population are not privy of. To blame one person is ludicrous. There’s so many players who are hidden. Bush was also the same case, he was a scapegoat. There are things that happen in world events people couldn’t possibly wrap their heads around, that’s why they don’t come out. Presidents and elections are just soap operas to keep the masses entertained.

  • Kayo

    I am pretty sure Obama is for gay marriage, but he can’t say it out aloud yet. Politics work in funny ways. If he wasn’t, DADT wouldn’t have been repealed. He can’t come out and support it just yet, he could lose the next election because of it.

  • Clueless

    @No. 5

    There are lots of Christians that support gay people in the military but for whom “redefining” marriage is a step too far.

  • jeff4justice

    @Kayo: What are you raving about? New world order? Illuminati? Offshore bankers? Family lines of the rich and royal elite?

    Maybe so. This 2party system charade makes no sense.

    Look up online:

    5 Reasons Obama Is the Same as Bush, Clinton Washington Whispers
    Obama Fact Sheet. Bush, Obama, Same Old Drama!
    Romney Obama the Same?

    Our primary election in CA is June 5 (deadline to register May 21). Since Obama has no Democrat primary challenger and we have a new awful top 2 primary here in CA it’s a perfect time to test drive voting for alternative parties.

  • Reality

    Joe Biden is so comfortable with gay marriage that, as a Senator, he was a cosponsor and proponent of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act,” which mandated that the Federal government refuse to recognize all same-sex marriages in all ways.

  • tj

    UGH! Why do we always have to shoot ourselves in the foot. We need to shut the hell up until he’s re-elected then we can talk. The alternative is Romney and 2 or maybe even 3 Anti-gay Supreme Court justices which would mean another 40 years of darkness. Why is this not obvious to anyone else?

  • declanto

    @jeff4justice: You offer rant with no real solution. Just what we don’t need.

  • declanto

    @tj: Impatient demands accomplish nothing in the long run. Joe has evolved, so has the Prez. B.O.’s a damned clever politician, willing to swallow all the BS and NOT get shoved into a premature failure. I’ll cut him the slack he asks for because his quiet success so far (end DADT, declining to defend DOMA, tabling the proposal for fed.benefit equality) tells me his intentions are honest and he’s biding his time to make sure he can deliver when it comes down. He’s got my vote.

  • Desdemona

    Of course he can’t say whether Obama will make it happen if he gets a second term- because that will damage their chances of having a second term. It’s so aggravating that this is even an issue. Two consenting adults should have the right to marry each other- END OF STORY. Peoples religious beliefs should in no way affect public policy- SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Why are we even still having this debate in 2012?

  • LaTeesha

    Great. So some old dude who’s been rejected by his own party on several occasions supports gay marriage. Stop the presses, boys.


    yeap, equal right and power to all human, no discrimination

  • jeff4justice

    @declanto: And your solution is what? Voting for Obama and his NDAA, drone attacks, murder of US citizens without trail, anti-protestor bill, Monsanto appointee?

    The solution is vote for 100% pro-equality.

    The alternative party options become winnable when people who know they should vote for them (Michael Moore, Bill Marher, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West) actually do start supporting and voting for them.

    If an anti-LGBT ballot measure was on the ballot in a red state hostile to LGBTs would you give up or put up any fight?

    Between the LGBTs, immigrants groups, environmental labor groups, civil liberties groups, pro-legalization groups being pissed at Obama there’s enough momentum to turn the tide by November if people get out of the futile 2party system.

    Of course the big distraction wedge issue now is the war on women. Obama has done plenty war on woman very literally with drone attacks.

  • Jase

    “… the passing of federal marriage-equality legislation.”

    When are you people going to learn that there is NO SUCH THING AS FEDERAL MARRIAGE EQUALITY LEGISLATION. Congress cannot pass a bill requiring states to have gay marriage.

    The only thing the Federal government can do for us is (1)repeal DOMA, and (2) the Supreme Court declare that state bans are unconstitutional.

    This is why I don’t give a flying fuck whether Obama voices support for marriage or not. He supports repeal of DOMA, and that is ALL THAT MATTERS AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL. Even if he did say it, it would only be lip service because, aside from DOMA repeal, there is nothing he can do about it (so then of course you all would be whining that it’s just lip service, because of course you need SOMETHING to whine about).

    Yes, I understand it would be nice for Obama to say he supports marriage equality just to give us the momentum. But if you think the congress and the president can legalize gay marriage nationwide, then you need to go back to 7th grade and take a fucking civics class. And if you’re not planning on voting for Obama because of this, you go ahead and do that. Put the Republicans in charge of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government because you’re throwing a tantrum about Obama. Ten years from now, when you have fewer rights than you do now because of the Republicans, at least then you can sit back and say “well, at least we sure taught that Obama guy a lesson!”

  • Andy

    So is Dick Cheney.

  • The Artist

    It’s very obvious that the administration would be making major changes in the next term. You do have a choice: vote to move ahead or vote to move backwards. It’s as simple as that. Just be ready to live with the choices you’ve made. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • jason

    If Biden supports gay marriage, why did he also support DOMA? I think he’s lying.

    I think Obama has simply put Biden out there to try and shore up support from “the gays”. That’s how they think of us – as “the gays”.

    Obama fears losing our support and losing the election. As for why he doesn’t support gay marriage, it’s probably because he doesn’t actually believe in it or it’s because he doesn’t want to offend the homophobic black constituency.

  • jason

    The Artist,

    Obama won’t be in a position to make “major changes” in the next term. Even if he is re-elected, his party won’t have the majority in Congress.

    The only time Obama and the Democrats had a majority was about 2 years ago. During that time, basically no pro-gay legislation was passed. Obama and the Democrats blew it.

    To understand Obama and the Democrats, you have to look at what they did for us during this period of having a majority – ie nothing.

  • brian

    I can’t help but laugh at the useful gay idiots who keep saying “oh, you’ve got to be patient, Obama will eventually come good”. LOL. You may as well be waiting for the tooth fairy, suckers.

    Obama doesn’t like you. All he wants is your vote. His promise of better things to come is about as valid as that fake road to hope and change he promised 4 years back. Oh, I suppose he has lived up to that promise by making you hope forever…..

    Keep hoping, suckers.

  • J

    I hate Biden.

  • Ty

    I know I should be happy, but I’ll be much more satisfied the day a powerful Republican says the same. THEY are who are holding us back, not the Democrats

  • Chuck

    It’s better than how Republicans support Marriage, waiting till they’re out of power (when it’s virtually meaningless) but does this really matter. Maybe a little, but not especially.

  • tjr101

    @Andy: Duh, Cheney has a gay daughter which is the only reason he supports it and voiced it AFTER he left office.

  • jiMMy

    DICK shotgun Cheney cant shoot straight and could not support his own daughter.
    What a piece of dogshit.

  • CBRad

    WITHOUT knowing him personally, I’d guess Obama thinks same-sex marriage should be legal nationwide. He just seems too young and hip to not feel that way. Again, that’s just my guess. What he does or doesn’t do in the second term will be the best proof either way.

  • ME

    He’s a POLITICIAN. He’ll change his views when it is SAFE to do so. It wasn’t safe 4 years ago when he, Obama and Clinton were running for President. Then they only wanted “civil unions” or something similar. BUT, now it has become SAFE for him and several other politicians to use the “marriage” word. So, heck… why not? It’s the politically correct and safe thing to do now.

    Politicians generally don’t have a spine or principles when it comes to making tough decisions like equal rights. The tide has only changed as society becomes more accepting, probably because of LGBT advocates, especially in Hollywood. Politicians are FOLLOWING society’s “OK” instead of adhering to the US Constitution and standing up to protect people’s rights and protections regardless of the political cost.

    Most politicians ARE simply politicians, not sincere LGBT advocates.

  • Eichmann

    What a fruity tuitie website….anyway dig this queers…….a mother fu-ker will do anything for a vote…..even rant and rave about the g- da-m sissies gettin a pass to start hookin up in a mother f–kin matrimony situation….funny as sh-t….fu-kin pansies

  • CBRad

    @ME: I often suspect that too. whatever they think about same-sex marriage personally, they’ll only make it federal when it’s “safe” to do it, when most of society has unquestionably given it the go-ahead, when more states have legalized it, etc. But, maybe Obama WILL take the lead in his next term, or….you know, we just gotta wait and see.

  • CBRad

    @Eichmann: Yeah…as if the posters here are naive about politicians…

  • jason

    Hello, it’s Obama here. I have a gift for you gays. It’s in a shiny box with ribbons around it. But, before I show you what’s inside, you have to vote for me. Only then will I show you what’s inside.

    I know the box doesn’t weigh much but, believe me, there is something inside. It will get heavier as it evolves, I promise.

  • ME


    Obama will take the lead from behind when it is safe, not when it is right.

  • Eichmann's-Mother

    Sorry kids, my brain-dead son, Eichmann, was just little confused this morning after he woke up with his head in my muff. We’ve been sniffing glue for three days now waiting for the welfare check to arrive.

    Please excuse little Eichy. It’s not every mother who is as proud of her mentally defective son as I am to have named him after a Nazi mass murder. Just ignore Eichmann, he still hasn’t quite left my vagina after twenty-seven years of coaxing. I was thinking of mixing a little Black Flag with my next douche. Maybe that will dislodge him.

    One can only hope.

  • CBRad

    @ME: Which is– arguably—what most politicians do.

  • B

    No. 8 · Reality wrote, “Joe Biden is so comfortable with gay marriage that, as a Senator, he was a cosponsor and proponent of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act,””

    Are you suggesting that it is not possible that Joe Biden learned something over the years since DOMA was passed, just as the American public has?

    The public expects politicians to not go against public opinion, then the public should not complain if those politicians’ policies track public opinion.

    Of course, one reason for him to have supported DOMA is that DOMA was really a Republican trick to put Bill Clinton in a tight spot, figuring that Clinton would veto DOMA and that could be used against him in an election. He fooled them – the Democrats knew there were enough votes to override any veto, so they supported it to deny the Republicans a campaign issue.

    As they say, laws are like sausages. It is best not to see them being made.

  • No-Obot

    @B who wrote:

    “Of course, one reason for him (Biden) to have supported DOMA is that DOMA was really a Republican trick to put Bill Clinton in a tight spot, figuring that Clinton would veto DOMA and that could be used against him in an election. He fooled them – the Democrats knew there were enough votes to override any veto, so they supported it to deny the Republicans a campaign issue.”


    Damn, that was soooo brilliant of the Democrats to show those homophobic Republicans how clever they were by going along with those bigots and being forever branded as homophobic a-holes themselves too. Brilliant!!! Yes, history favors the brave. Brilliant indeed!

  • Brand

    I LOVE JOE BIDEN! Thanks Joe!

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