BREAKING: NC House Will Soon Pass Marriage Equality Ban, Senate To Vote Soon, NAACP Opposes

After a rushed and somewhat bastardly move to sneak the anti-marriage amendment onto today’s agenda, a North Carolina House Commitee passed the proposed marriage equality ban to the House Floor. Now “three-fifths of the House members must vote yes twice on the measure before it can move on to the Senate.”

If the Republican led House passes the amendment, it will leave it up to the NC Senate to decide if the bill makes the 2012 ballot. If it does, they will hold the vote in May instead of November to “remove politics” from the vote. Uh-huh. But there is some good news

According to QNotes: “Sources say two GOP senators have excused absences, leaving the body without the votes for passage.” So the vote may not even pass the Senate, leaving NC to concentrate on, y’know, jobs and schools and things that actually matter. Heck, even the NAACP has told state legislators not to vote for it.

Image via taberandrew