BREAKING: Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons Upholds Second-Class Citizenship for Gays


Well, it was to be expected. Making good on his promise, Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons — who’s too good for President Obama — spent Memorial Day vetoing a bill that would have granted same-sex domestic partners many of the same rights as straight married folks. Not because he hates gay people, of course, but because voters amended the Nevada Constitution to limit marriage to male-female relationships, and this bill would have violated that law. “Only the voters should have the right to undo or amend constitutional mandates,” says Gibbons.

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  • Mark M

    Then any fag or dyke that spends a nickle in Vegas deserves to be treated as a traitor.

  • Alex

    Concur. A good ol’ kick-’em-when they’re down boycott would be just the thing (no sarcasm). Of course, given that there’s about 40 other states with constitutional amendments and no domestic partnerships, we may have to spread the pain. And at 6 hours round trip, Des Moines is a little far to do my grocery shopping.

  • jason

    Gibbons is a vile old man who resembles a fading old parrot. It’s amazing that gay people flock to Las Vegas when the state itself is so homophobic overall. Is it because you like the punishment?

  • Bruno

    For a governor, he sure don’t understand law too good.

  • Attmay

    Las Vegas was built by mobsters.

    Impeach Gibbons.

  • Brian

    Don’t boycott Las Vegas…but make sure you are supporting the casino’s like Harrah’s that spoke up against this.

  • TANK

    I know, riiiight. Vegas was created by the scum of the earth (benjamin siegel), and yet… Well, you can’t really hold vegas accountable for this, can you? You can boycott the state, and defacto vegas, but it’s inane to hold the city accountable for the statewide vote; and moreso the governor’s veto. But definitely boycott nevada; and therefore, vegas… He looks old enough to develop a life ending and debilitating ailment. May it happen. I hate vegas anyway…yick. And isn’t harry reid a goddamn mormon?

  • D-Sun

    I’d hop on board the boycott train if I didn’t live here.

  • Patrick

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

  • atdleft

    @jason: No, it’s because Gibbons is WAY out of touch with most Nevadans! SB 283, the DP bill, passed the Assembly & the Senate handily. I’m hoping they’ll be able to override Gibbons’ veto, as they need only 2 more votes in each house. Let’s try to override Gibbons’ f*cking stupid veto, people!

    @Brian: YES! Support companies like Harrah’s, MGM Mirage, and Wynn that have been great in supporting pro-LGBT legislation like SB 283. Harrah’s is even circulating a letter urging legislators to override Gibbons’ veto, so let’s support these good companies that are doing the right thing!

  • GBM

    Where are all the Obama haters???? Here we have a w___e Gov is a HOMOPHOBE. Are we all on the same page noe that Homophobia is shared by all?

  • 1star

    Boycott not a good idea; you end up hurting everyone in the state including gays that Gibbons just gleefully punished. This Gibbons character is a scumbag; he sexual assaulted a woman then sent his hounds out to harass her including the sheriff who told the victim to “bring it on!!!” He than used his office to grease the wheels of corporate America to raise a quarter of a million dollars to deny the ladies ability to reap justice. This clown makes blago seen sane. Gibbons approval rating at 21% is worse than Cheney’s, this guy is a thing of the past, and after Obama flipped the state from red to blue the Republican Party in Nevada is to. No wonder Obama only offered to give Gibbons a few seconds at the airport; he could smell the rotting load in this guy’s pants from Washington!

  • threshold

    This guy’s approval ratings are in the single digits.

  • Andrew

    According to this “fading old Parrot” (thank you, Jason), Obama’s statement was “reckless” and is causing “working families” to suffer. What a load of horse-hockey. (Did I just use “horse-hockey”?) The governor is a hater and his mother smells of elderberry…

  • rick

    isn’t he having some marital problems of his own?

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