BREAKING NEWS: Scalia Photographer Fired Over Picture

A story of how to handle a controversy poorly:

1) Supreme Court Justice/Anti-Gay Posterboy/religious zealot Antonin Scalia is asked how he responds to critics who say he is biased in “separation of church and state” issues: Scalia makes arrogant, rude gesture.

2) Newspaper photographer working for Archdiocese of Boston takes picture of Scalia making gesture.

3) Scalia insists gesture is harmless. But Archdiocese still chooses to not run picture.

5) Photographer knows what Scalia really meant; releases picture to call out Scalia.

6) Archdiocese fires photographer.

We are SHOCKED that the Archdiocese of Boston would ever try to cover up a scandal. Perhaps they are a little touchy, after voluntarily alerting everyone about their policies of employing armies of child molesting priests. They’ve learned their lesson: lying about your mistakes really is the best.

Church Fires Photographer Over Scalia Picture