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BREAKING: Serbia Sentences Far Right Leader for Gay Death Threats

A district court in Belgrade, Serbia has sentenced the leader of a far right gay-hating movement to ten months in jail for inciting violence against LGBT people before the city’s scheduled 2009 pride parade, which was ultimately cancelled for safety reasons.

The man, Mladen Obradovic (seen right), has also been convicted of two years in jail on separate charges incurred during the run-up to Belgrade’s 2010 gay pride parade, during which hundreds of marchers and police were ultimately injured.

The group, Obraz (which ironically translates to “Honor”), has issued statements to the media and spread graffiti around the Serbian capital with slogans such as “Death to faggots,” “Blood will flow, there will be no gay parade in Belgrade,” and “We’re waiting for you.”

The Serbian-made comedy film The Parade, a recent runaway hit in the Balkans, has attempted to find humor in the very real danger facing the country’s would-be gay pride marchers.

Obradovic remains free while appealing both verdicts. After today’s sentencing, he proclaimed that the rulings would only strengthen the movement’s violently gay-hating resolve.

“Let them prosecute and rule, but they cannot stop us,” he said, adding that the movement’s ongoing slogan will be “We’re waiting for you.”

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  • Phantom

    I think he will probably going to throw a fit when he gets rape in prison. LOL

  • nedley

    what the hell is a serb??

  • Belize

    @nedley: Oh Jesus, honey. If you’re going to troll, try a little harder. You’re making us look bad.

    As for this child, Mladen, the mere fact that there are still people marching despite idiots like you running around shows that there is gay pride in Belgrade. Sucks to lose, doesn’t it?

  • Belize

    *correction: willing to march around.

  • shannon


  • Houston Bill

    Guys, this is a sham. He’ll never serve any real time in jail. My guess is that he will be out of jail (AGAIN – he’s been convicted multiple times for making terroristic threats) just in time to make the exact same threats and violence promotions for Belgrades next attempt to hold a Gay protest in October 2012.

  • Schlukitz

    Me sees major gay-face in that pic.

  • jason

    Serbians can be a lovely, friendly people. However, Serbia has a lot of passions attached to it. The most momentous incident in history was due to a band of Serbian teenagers who decided to assassinate the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (Archduke Franz Ferdinand) in 1914 while on a visit to Sarajevo. Serbia had been under its rule, and did not like it.

    A grenade attack by one of the assassins failed. However, one of the band, a 19 year old called Gavrilo Princip, decided to linger in front of a delicatessen owned by Moritz Schiller.

    About an hour after the failed grenade attack, the Archduke and his wife decided to visit the hospital where those wounded from the earlier grenade attack were recovering.
    Unfortunately, their vehicle took a wrong turn and, after being instructed to reverse by the security guard, stalled and stopped right in front of Princip who was standing on the footpath in front of the corner deli. Princip duly stepped forward and fired two shots that killed the royal couple.

    Within 1 month, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. Other countries took sides. World War I began.

    I say this to remind you of the passion of the people of Serbia, and how it has been a remarkably influential part of the world. Don’t underestimate it.

  • jason

    I have to say that Mladen Obranovic reminds me of the twinks I regularly see at the local gay watering hole.

  • the crustybastard


    You’ve made this identical point how many times now?

    You’re not being clever, you’re being tedious.


  • Mikel D McGrew

    I can think of one way to stop them!

  • jason

    Keep in mind that the Orthodox Church is very influential in Serbia. It’s a very homophobic church. It influences minds in a negative way towards homosexuality.

  • Igor Alexander

    @Phantom: Why would he get raped in prison? There are no groids in Serbia.

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