Brie Larson helps same-sex couple get engaged at comic con


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Actress Brie Larson was stunned when a fan proposed to his boyfriend at a photo session with her at a comic con event on the weekend.

The incident took place Saturday at ACE Comic Con Midwest in Chicago. It was Larson’s first time at the event.

The actress is known for playing Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), appearing in her own stand-alone movie earlier this year and joining the cast of Avengers: Endgame.

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Larson was taking part in a meet-and-greet photo session with a gay couple. That’s when John Chambrone, 53, got down on one knee and offered a ring to his boyfriend, Richard Owen, 29.

The two Tampa-based men met earlier this year and went to see Captain Marvel on their first proper date with one another.

The proposal was caught in a series of photos shared to Twitter. The final image is of the two men embracing passionately.


Larson then retweeted the photos, saying: “Y’all I was present for a proposal and I am CHANGED. Much love to the happy couple!!!!”

At the time of writing, Larson’s tweet has had almost half a million likes.

The man who got down on one knee, John Chambrone, took to Instagram to share the images, also. He revealed that Larson hadn’t only stood by and looked shocked – she’d helped him put the ring on his boyfriend’s finger.

“Here are the engagement photos from this weekend with my husband to be Richard Owen and myself…with special guest Brie Larson! It was an amazing proposal and he said yes! Brie actually helped me put the ring on his finger!”

Chambrone told Queerty that he and Owen met at the annual Bear Soup weekend in Tampa, Florida. Chambrone runs a local bears group.

“Once I saw that smile, I knew he was the one for me! We are beyond amazed that this has gone viral! We appreciate the love and support from everyone.”