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Bristol Palin’s Awful Apology For Sister Willow’s Facebook Faggoteering

How are the Palins apologizing for 16-year-old Willow calling a boy a “faggot” on Facebook? With a non-apology, of course.

Dancing star Bristol, who came to her sister’s defense in the Facebook thread, posted this quick note to her profile: “Willow and I shouldn’t have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize. On a nicer note, thank you for supporting the great competition in Dancing with the Stars!”

The bobbling Behar took on the issue on her show last night, after the “apology” came, with her guests taking a different approach than apologist Jon Stewart:

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  • Cam

    If you read it, they were also attacking kids for being fat, and really came off sounding pretty trashy and mean.

  • Marty Peoples

    Well what else would you expect of the Palin’s?
    They are trash and pretty well mean!
    Marty Peoples
    Ft. Worth, TX

  • scott ny'er

    yay for people like Joy Behar (never thought I’d say that about a View Host) and for Dick Cavett.

  • Red Meat

    Palin Trump 2012, oh it will happen.

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