scrapped ideas

British Conservative Party’s Idea of Gay Voter Outreach: 2 Dudes Showering Together

Britain’s Conservative Party was going to reach gay voters by televising ads showing two dudes in the shower, but David Cameron’s camp scrapped the expensive idea at the last minute.

Estimated to cost somewhere between £100,000-500,000, the spots showed one with two “naked men grappling in a shower, while another [ad] depicts a teenager being caught reading what at first appears to be a top shelf magazine. The third unshown ad makes light of teenage sex, portraying a girl confessing to her parents: ‘I am three months Conservative.'”

The Sunday Times says the ads were dropped over backlash fears. (Well, yeah.) An unidentified party source told the paper, “The ads are all very clever and much more imaginative and funnier than anything that they put out during the election campaign. They were designed to appeal to voters who would not have thought of backing the Tories in the past. However, the risk with these ads was that they might have alienated more traditional core supporters.”

Should’ve hired the Old Spice guy. Just sayin’.