British ‘Gay Hate Law’ Hits Understandable Snag

British politicians better gear up for battle.

The House of Lords voted last night to amend Justice Secretary Jack Straw’s “gay hate law,” which offers strict sentencing for homophobic remarks and actions that can be perceived as threatening. Many people, like Tory Home Secretary Lord Waddington, wonder whether such a law would trample freedom of speech.

When it comes to language touching on matters of sexual orientation, there has already been a load of trouble with the police misapplying the existing Public Order Act. It is our plain duty to try to prevent this continuing to happen.

The issue would be moot, of course, if people just got over the gays and minded their own business.

The House of Commons will now debate whether to push for Straw’s original law or roll over for the higher Lords, who, according to The Daily Mail, “voted no-one should face jail for criticizing gay lifestyles or urging homosexuals to change their ways.” And, surprisingly, we agree.

Sure, those ex-gays and “converters” are a pain in the ass, but can you imagine if they all went to jail? That we be half our editorial content – gone. Or, conversely, festering in prison, where there gay hate would only grow. Neither of these scenarios appeal to us.