Bulges Of Days Past

A Look At David Beckham’s Delicious Underwear Ads Over The Years


David Beckham’s collaboration with H&M, which has him “designing” and modeling a line of undergear, has finally come to light.

The briefs won’t be in stores till February 2 but this first ad looks  good.

Still, even though Bex is hotter than us and 99% of the male population, here he looks a little…tired? Has he put on weight? Is Harper Seven keeping him up till all hours?

We need to get to the bottom of this, so we’re gonna pore through this collection of ads and billboards David did for Armani over the years. You can look too if you promise not to drool.

Click through to see David Beckham the way he should always be dressed.


Images via H&M, Armani

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  • SJE

    I’ll admit, the man has some very nice abs, but there’s still something about him that grosses me out. Sorry.

  • Mike UK

    why do they let him talk, he just sounds so thick!

  • heydrichmuller

    @SJE: I must agree! I do not see his hotness factor. He doesn’t look good in the face and without clothes. I really don’t. As Footballers go I’ll take Shakira’s BF Gerard Pique from Barca any day.

  • axon

    Nice body, but he looks like he takes himself waaaay to seriously. Does that make for a hot lover? You get the feeling he’ll be admiring himself in the mirror at all the wrong moments. So Victoria fancies him, but she hasn’t much of a sense of humour either.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Darn, another fire at the animal shelter, cause, damn, the cats are really aching for a fight! Geez, not one of us is ever going to even cause Beckham turn his head; so, can’t you just say — yes he is hot, and rich, and a daddy, and a husband, and, well, yummy.

    No one else cares whether you like/hate the tatts, the body, the face, the voice — give it a rest. Let the rest of us, who as the old saying goes, take the moment to smell the roses, or in this case, just appreciate the beauty. And this man is a real beauty.

  • Robert in NYC

    And I bet all of his naysayers wouldn’t turn him down if he asked themout on a date if he were ever so inclined, straight or not.

  • mdthom

    @Mike in Asheville: Thank you, you said what I was thinking.

  • MikeE

    umm, what’s wrong with having an opinion?

    ok, you find him incredibly hot and perfect.
    That’s fine and your right.

    I think he is attractive in a way, but there IS something that turns me off about him as well. What’s wrong with talking about that?

    They posted pics of a dude in his underwear, for god’s sake. Not a dating column with potential mates. What else you wanna talk about? His glittering personality?

    Even those who are bitching at those who don’t find him attractive are ONLY mentioning his looks. You’re just as freaking superficial.

  • MikeE

    @Robert in NYC: by the way, yeah, I actually WOULD turn him down. I don’t like that many tattoos, it’s a huge turn-off for me. Sure, his face is cute in a way (though he was cuter with the buzz-cut hair, for my taste), but otherwise, he’s OK. There are WAY more guys at the local gay bar that I think are considerably more attractive. So based on looks alone? Yeah, he’d get blown off. (and no, that isn’t a sexual reference)

  • axon

    @Mike in Asheville: Point taken!
    If you block out the facial expression, the tattoos, and definitely the slick Nazi hair, he IS a beauty, and why ask for more? You are free to add an imaginary personality to the body in the pictures that would make them more interesting. But truth be told – in real life, beauty turns bland in a matter of days or weeks if there’s nothing else there.

  • dvlaries

    Rich people should really stop inking themselves up now that the practice has become the foremost calling card of white trash.

  • Spike

    The guy has nothing but a Ken Doll bulge, not hot, might as well be a sock filled with bird seed.

    Hot is VPL.

  • not a clone

    Simply.. HOT!

  • ian

    he is a beautiful man for sure. Like some, I’m not into tats, but on him they look pretty good. I think what I appreciate about him is that he’s not over done. He’s a soccer/football player in great shape, but not hugely muscled; just right imo.

  • adam

    he’s a beautiful man, and who wouldn’t want a body like his? still, you just know that, in bed with him, the biggest thing in the room would be . . . the ego.

  • shannon

    He looks like a skinny pal euro to me…I see no “abs” …bulge….nothing….( then again….I am not desperate like most me here are….

  • jeff m

    mike e you’re full of sh*t. shannon…you’re blind.

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