Bulges Of Days Past

A Look At David Beckham’s Delicious Underwear Ads Over The Years


David Beckham’s collaboration with H&M, which has him “designing” and modeling a line of undergear, has finally come to light.

The briefs won’t be in stores till February 2 but this first ad looks  good.

Still, even though Bex is hotter than us and 99% of the male population, here he looks a little…tired? Has he put on weight? Is Harper Seven keeping him up till all hours?

We need to get to the bottom of this, so we’re gonna pore through this collection of ads and billboards David did for Armani over the years. You can look too if you promise not to drool.

Click through to see David Beckham the way he should always be dressed.


Images via H&M, Armani


December 2007




June 2008



February 2009



February 2009



June 2009


June 2009: London billboard



June 2009



July 2009




January 2012