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Buy Queen Latifah’s Autobigraophy And Learn Nothing New About Her Private Life

Queen Latifah’s book Put On Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path To Queendom, released in May, is missing a chapter. The one where she comes out as a lesbian. She didn’t intend to add to it on Larry King Live.

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The on-going marathon to have Latifah discuss her sexuality — or anything about her life in a non-professional way — continued on CNN, where King managed to get the actor-singer to chat about private lives, but not about her private lives. It’s hard to believe anybody, with any familiarity with Latifah, who watched this show doesn’t know exactly what she’s trying to hide.

But imagine if you are completely in the dark about Latifah’s sexuality. So there you are, among the 12 people still watching Larry King Live, listening to her talk about how she won’t talk about her private life. Do you see a celebrity who just doesn’t want to be on the cover of Us Weekly? Or a celebrity who has major skeletons in the closet?