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Caitlyn Jenner tried sneaking into Australia to film reality show during homestretch of campaign

In case you needed anymore proof that Caitlyn Jenner’s gubernatorial campaign is a complete farce, the 71-year-old is currently in Australia filming a reality show two months before the election.

Queerty reported last week that Jenner reportedly touched down in Australia, where she is going to shoot an appearance on Big Brother VIP. But before she can actually film anything, she must complete a mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine.

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Prior to Jenner departing, she tried to keep her trip Down Under as vague as possible, telling followers that she was simply going somewhere to “honor a work commitment” and that she had no plans on pausing her gubernatorial campaign.

She followed that up with another tweet assuring people that she and her campaign were still in “full operation”… despite being over 8,000 mile away from California for several weeks during the final homestretch of the race.

When word got out the “work commitment” was actually a trip halfway across the world to film an appearance on a reality show, for which she is reportedly being paid $500,000, they all gave a collective eye roll.

Now, let’s take a look at how folx have been responding to Jenner’s jaunt Down Under two months before the election…

Australia is currently in lockdown after seeing a sharp uptick in coronavirus cases. It has also limited the number of incoming flight passengers it receives to just 3,000 people per week.

Adding a layer of outrage to the whole thing is the fact that Jenner was allowed into the country when over 30,000 Australian citizens are currently stuck overseas waiting to get home and hardly any other foreigners are being let in at all.

Jenner is currently polling at a 6%, putting her in fourth place among GOP contenders hoping to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom. She has dismissed her low numbers, telling reporters earlier this month, “Honestly, I’m not concerned about the polling. I guarantee you that I am in the lead.”

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