Another not-so-shocking story: a reader informs us that California’s filed a lawsuit against the now defunct Q Television Network and CEO Frank Olsen for Labor Code violation. What are these so called Labor Code violation? Unceremoniously firing employees and withholding more than $800,000 in back pay.

You may recall the network helped lead the gay television station craze in 2002, but failed to draw the numbers necessary for syndicated survival. What’s more, many claim Olsen and company pilfered the station’s bank accounts.

When the company folded back in May of 2006, Olsen had this to say:

When I took over control of the network on March 7, 2006, the company was roughly 7 million dollars behind in payments to vendors; numerous lawsuits had been filed against the company and over $600,000 was owed to former employees. The financial challenges that the network faced proved too difficult and I was simply unable to turn around the network.

While Olsen may blame previous management, others insist he’s merely an incompetent, greed-driven dick: certainly an anomaly in gay media.

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