Calling All Queens! Ab Fab: The Movie Is Looking To Cast 96 Drag Queens

12141139_146869299001388_9007015386719043890_oDarlings, sweeties, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is coming in 2016 and it’s apparently going to feature a veritable army of drag queens. Seems fitting.

The film’s Facebook page shared the first publicity still from the project (right), and by the looks of things, Patsy and Edina have still got it.

While the cast is sure to include celebrity cameos up the wazoo (who wouldn’t want to be enshrined for all time in one of the greatest comedy acts of the century?), it’s the casting notice seeking men in dresses that caught out eye.

Casting agents are on the hunt for eight singing, dancing queens to perform individually, 70 for the audience, and 18 celebrity lookalikes including Cher (Chad Michals?), Christina Aguilera and Tammy Wynette. Sounds like a party.

Here’s a recent post calling the queens to action: