Calvin Klein: Nick Gruber and I Are Still Together

Kleingruber is alive and well!

As we previously reported, the rumors circulating that Calvin Klein, 67, is “on a break” with his 21-year-old boy toy Nick Gruber are false. A source told Queerty last week, “They ignore the press and that all is fine. They were never apart.”

Now Klein himself corroborates that account.

“We still have a wonderful relationship and I love him,” Klein told Page Six. “We’re not not together… He’s a very special person in my life.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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  • Torrie

    Just ewww…

  • CBRad

    Calvin probably begs Nick to put on a Kaiser helmet and spank him.

  • QJ201

    @Torrie: I see your ewww and raise you a f*cking gross.

    …and all this from a man who claimed to be straight and entered a sham marriage in the early days of the AIDS crisis.

  • Mike UK

    just wondering when he’ll be getting the plastic surgery to look like each other, just like liberace and one of his “friends”!

  • Fitz

    Live the stereotype, baby.

    Yuck yuck yuck.

  • Lefty

    46 years is a huge gap, obviously, but it could work. Christopher Isherwood was 30 years older than Don Bachardy and they were together (on and off) for 33 years.

  • Ed Hoover

    The whole idea is so gross it leaves me speechless.
    Rodney, quick, get my gun.

  • Global Traveler

    Rich older man gets a man much younger and hotter than he ever could if he wasn’t rich.

    Young hooker/porn performer gets a very wealthy older sugar daddy.

    Neither of which is any of my business.

  • Marie Cohn

    Nick : Calvin :: Anna-Nicole: J. Howard

  • MikeE

    all I keep wondering is if the negative comments and the puerile “ewwww” and “yuck” comments are not the result of petty jealousy?

    the guy has a cute (much) younger boyfriend.
    so fucking what?

    gawd, get a life people.

  • Halston

    Who cares! And I just read it cuz I’m bored to death at work.

  • SebX

    @MikeE: Why do people complain when other people comment on the freaking comments section?
    Jealous? really? of what? of the obvious “love” for each other? or for the love of things they can provide to one another, like say: hot body, money, youth, money, high libido, money, trophy twink, money… am I missing something? Oh, of course! A true, honest, deep and meaninguful yearning for a time long gone and a some (gran)daddy issues. :)

    But what do I know? I’m a bitter, cynical bastard who’s crazy enough to look for something out of a relationship that doesn’t involve any of the elements I mentioned before…

  • CBRad

    @Lefty: True, but Isherwood and Bachardy were two guys of depth. That really was such a different relationship.

  • Marc

    This headline should have added “…and we’re still reporting on it.” And sadly, I’m still commenting on it. Good luck to the both of them! Whether it’s a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement or there is a deep, genuine love connection; or even a little bit of both, I wish them well. I get why it’s interesting to some or even somewhat newsworthy when CK is in a relationship; but I just don’t get all the hate and judgment. I know there exists a stereotype in regard to us being “catty,” but wow! And for those who don’t get why others comment on their negativity, let’s back track to the fact that you commented on this story in the first place…so ya shouldn’t have any problem with others expressing their opinion since you feel entitled enough to express yours.

    This relationship may not be your cup of tea; but ehh, so what? Let ’em be. I’ve given up trying to figure out why there is such an INTENSE reaction to these relationships; at least for those who claim it has nothing to do with jealousy, envy or their own insecurities.

  • CBRad

    @Marc: Part of it has to do with Calvin Klein’s own homophobia, and AIDS-o-phobia, in the 80’s, when he could have been a better role model. Not villainous behabvior, of course, but annoying.

  • Torrie

    @MikeE Good god! Jealous of what? I don’t find his twinky boy toy attractive even a little bit.

  • HM

    I’m sure the endless boxes of CK being delivered to Mr & Mrs. Gruber’s house are everything they hoped for from their son….

  • B

    Must be a slow news week. Is everyone off celebrating Lunar New Year or something?

  • Marc

    Wow CBrad, you actually brought up the only valid point in weeks of this story going back and forth. Ok, that I get. But instead of people referencing that in their criticism of this relationship, it seems to be WAY more about rich older guy dating young gorgeous guy.

    Personally, I’m with most guys who would criticize Klein for not stepping up when he could have; but I understand it’s a very personal decision for one to come out professionally and publicly. To that end, I would ask that he not expect the gay community to jump with glee as he parades his relationship all over the press now. I guess what I would take issue with (and admittedly, I’m not well versed on Mr. Klein’s history,) is that he was married at some point? Is he bisexual or a liar?

    Anyway, my confusion has been more why people are so viciously opposed to this type of relationship. I would equate THAT with straight married couples who seem to think that the mere existence of gay marriage somehow threatens their marriage.

  • SebX

    @Marc: For the record, I don’t complain about people commenting but how someone who doesn’t react to all the red flags obviously present in the “relationship” would rather judge a person who they know nothing about for a comment, or tell me to shut up and get a life. “Let them be happy! but you should die a lonely, bitter death for judging them”. Double standards? Mmmm…

    And I don’t want them to burn at the stake for their relationship. I’m not “oppposed” to their relationship as if calling for the heads on a silver platter for being together. It’s just that these kind of “relationships”, or financial arrangements more likely, like Hugh Heffner’s with any bimbo or Anna Nicole Smith’s make me vomit in my mouth. Even though they’re adults and they can do whatever they want, it just seems too blatantly obvious that they’re based on the elements I explained before to even call it a relationship.

  • Mike UK

    regardless of whether it’s a real relationship, a publicity stunt or Calvin finally admitting he’s gay, for whatever reason gay gays will still buy his undies! there is nothing more depressing then pulling down a guys jeans to find him wearing calvin kleins, everyone and his dog wears them or smelling of one of his vile smelling aftershaves!

    he certainly knew the market he wanted and gay guys fell for it hook, line and sinker!

  • Oh, ok.

    As long as the checks keep rolling in his little baby hooker isn’t going anywhere.

  • Marc

    @SebX, I think you have every right to voice your horror and disgust over this relationship; and by the same token, people who believe you are bitter or jealous should have the right to say so as well. I don’t see it as a “double standard.” As you pointed out, it’s called the comments section for a reason. If one is going to take the time to publicly voice their opinion, one should be prepared to defend that opinion and deal with the criticism that comes with it.

    I, personally, don’t like defining someone else’s relationship or judging if it is a “relationship” at all. There are too many people who tell us everyday that gay men and women can not be in relationships or those relationships that exist between two gay men or women are not really relationships. Prior to CBrad’s comment, the only thing I ever heard was just how distasteful this sort of pairing was. Speaking in defense of those relationships, it really comes down to those people. For me, it’s “who cares?” He’s an older wealthier man who wouldn’t give guys who don’t look like supermodels a second look and Nick’s a guy who probably wouldn’t be in to someone unless they could provide for him in some way; or they are completely and deeply in love with each other; or a little bit of both. So the source of my confusion had been (again prior to CBrad’s comment), is why are people SOOO against this pairing/relationship. Either you have another happy gay couple or a couple of superficial people out of the dating scene making it a little easier for singles out there to find a genuine match.

  • CBRad

    @Marc: I agree that people get a little TOO vicious in criticizing these types of relationships. It’s certainly nothing new, with both gays and straights. Comical, yes. Stereotypical, yes. But…c’mon…it’s not the grossest thing in the world. Both parties involved are getting what they want out of it. My own poking fun at this Calvin & Gruber one is really just because it seems so particularly grotesque, like a satire on that type of relationship. A John Waters version. And I think that Gruber is awful! Like exaggerated-Germanic-“blonde” personified. And I like blondes, and Germans, and twinks and….Just not THAT one. So it makes Calvin’s taste seem so silly. But…that’s just me. I really don’t care if people enjoy those types of wealthy man/fortune hunter relationships. And, yes, in a lot of those cases the parties involved might genuinely grow sort of fond of each other.

  • CBRad

    @Marc: Oh…and yes…Klein’s lightweight homophobia was annoying in the ’80’s. Yes, he’d been married before (one daughter) but divorced and later way into the 1970’s gay-Studio54-multiple sex partner-decadent scene until the ’80’s, when many of his friends were dying of AIDS and (generally-speaking) he went with the whole suddenly-I’m-totally-straight thing (like the way GQ magazine changed) and married again in the late ’80’s. I remember reading an interview with him (in “Interview” magazine, at the time) and they were asking him, “Don’t mostly gay men buy your underwear products?” and he was so cold and business-like in his answers, like “No product could make it on just them alone because that market isn’t large enough to support it” and going on to say straight men loved his products. Again, I know everybody has a right to come out when he wants (and some considered going ‘straight” at the time a wise business-decision) but….that coupled with his being so blatantly out now is kinda yucky when considered together. And, personally, I’ll admit (and this means nothing to anyone except to me) I’ve always seen him as kind of a classless trashy Bronxite who is just pushy and clever with marketing.

  • SebX

    @Marc: The double-standard is quite clear. It’s wrong for me to claim my disgust (not horror) at this relationships so I’m harshly judged… for judging? How is that NOT double-standards?
    I’m judged as bitter and jealous for daring to judge a tangible interests-based association sold to us as a loving relationship. Don’t you see the irony?

    It’s like when homophobes claim for tolerance towards their intolerant views.

  • Marc

    @SebX, Actually you’d be the homophobe in your analogy. Nobody asks some homophobes for their opinion, yet they give it anyway and then, you’re correct, claim intolerance when they are in turn in the “hot seat.” You threw the first stone essentially by issuing your judgment in regard to this relationship and were in turn judged by others. I’m not trying to say you’re wrong in your judgment; because it’s YOUR opinion. I’m saying you’re claiming “victim” status when you essentially opened yourself up to it by commenting in the first place. You have the right to say what you feel about this topic; and in that you said it publicly, others have the right to judge your comments; just as they have every right to judge mine.

  • SebX

    You’re missing my point, Marc. I don’t care what others think of me, and I’m not playing victim. I just don’t understand why some posters think that I can be judged, but I can’t voice my opinion. Like it’s ok to call names to a poster here but not to celebrities, you know what I mean? That’s all.
    And I appreciate the time you take to reply to my posts. Really. You seem very mature and respectful… wanna meet for a coffee? :p

  • FunMe

    Who are these people? Calvin Klein … as in Jeans? Like Gloria Vanderbilt jeans?

    What do they mean be “together”? As in grandson went back to his grandfather?

  • Marc

    @SebX, People will judge you based upon your comments. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I am saying that you must respect the fact that you are judging Calvin and Nick’s relationship without really knowing them; the same way you are yourself being judged. Again, I’m not saying that this relationship is not as you describe it, or as I describe it, or others. I’m sure that most likely you nor I know them well enough to make a truly accurate judgment on what there relationship is or is not. Just like someone can’t accurately judge you based solely on your comments on one topic without truly knowing you.

    Thank you very much for the compliments. I try. And thank you for the lively debate. Oh, and sure anytime you want, we can meet for coffee, lol.

  • duke

    …okay, but do they have to dress like twins in every photo shown?

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