Cameroonian “Queer” Liberated!

Some good news out of Africa: the Cameroonian High Court has released a man named Alexandre after detaining him for two years. Though no official charges were ever filed, coppers took Alexandre into custody on suspicion of homosexuality. Of his new freedom, Alexandre said:

I am really happy to be free and wish to thank those organisations who have been fighting for the protection of my fundamental rights.

Unfortunately not all Cameroonian queers are so lucky – homosexuality carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Alexandre would still be in prison if it weren’t for International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, which rallied their forces and got him legal representation. Of course, there’s still more to be done. IGLHRC’s Cary Alan Johnson says:

Alexandre is the seventeenth Cameroonian person in the last year to have been released after spending time in jail or charged with homosexuality. Clearly there is a continued attack on gay men and lesbians that must be brought to an end.

The battle’s just begun…