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Camouflage Prints Are Masculine And Utilitarian, But Are They Fashion?

woodsyn3Camouflage prints are all about masculinity and utility. But fashion? Usually not so much. Find a camo jacket, pair of pants or a shirt, and the look will most likely have a baggy fit. You’re not so much hidden by the clothes as you are in the clothes. But that all changed when Wood added three unique camouflage prints to their collection.

The brand’s custom Forest Camo print is modeled by Tyler Bartel in this Underwear Expert exclusive by photographer Jerrad Matthew. The print is still heavy on the masculinity, keeping with the prints classic colors. But applied to the Wood Hip Brief and Classic Brief, that masculinity becomes a little more intoxicating.

Wood also designed the Liquid Camo and Digital Camo prints for their collection. Further away from the more classic Forest Camo, these prints are even more concerned with style. Where camo would shy away from such attractive fashion choices, Wood embraces them.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert