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Can Atlanta’s Police Department Really Promise to Keep the Gays Safe?

Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed hosted a town hall for the city’s LGBT community in an attempt to reassure them the police have their backs. This is the same guy who complained about people suing over the Atanta Eagle raid because it was a “financial threat” to the city.

After saying he’d hire a second LGBT police liaison, Patricia Powell, to heal relations between Atlanta’s queers and the cops, Reed told last night’s audience, “We are not going to tolerate people putting you in harm’s way. We can’t send out a message that we will tolerate anybody putting a gun to your chest. We are smart enough to protect communities and keep them safe.”

Joining Reed on stage was Police Chief George Turner and gay city councilman Alex Wan, who called for the forum after the latest round of attacks when, on July 2, a gay picnicking couple was assaulted in a park by teens whom have since been arrested.

So did the open forum accomplish anything?

When asked that question, the Rev. Joshua Noblitt of Saint Mark United Methodist Church (pictured, right), who was attacked with his boyfriend, responded with laughter.


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  • Sceth

    “… whom have since been arrested.”
    Hypercorrection, lol; somebody’s feeling self-conscious about their English today!

    The critical part would be getting this message out to the every member of the police force.

  • slobone

    The previous LGBT liason was pretty useless — the cops didn’t even bother tipping her off before the Eagle raid.

    No reasonable person assumes that cops are always going to behave perfectly. But at least in places like Atlanta they’re not going to be able to get away with much without attracting a whole slew of bad publicity. And that’s bad for the city’s image, also for gay tourism, which is big business…

  • ALT

    Of all towns in the nation Atlanta is the most obsessed with its image. Forget about genuine feelings, intelligence and credible behavior, ATL holds its image at the forefront and is strangely addicted to shallow self dellusion. The gay culture thinks it is progressive but in reality it is 15 to 20 years behind the rest of the nation.

  • Dan

    The Atlanta Police Department can instruct the gay community on how to properly purchase, register and utilize a handgun for personal defense. That way in the 5-15 minutes it takes the police to arrive on scene members of the gay community can actually protect themselves from harm until the police show up to takeover the situation. Since criminals own guns, it is equally important for non-criminals to own guns to defend themselves under the appropriate laws on self defense. Otherwise only the criminals have weapons and no deterant to committing crimes against unarmed people. Gay people serve in militaries across the world with all kinds of firepower so obviously gay people can be excellent and responsible gun owners/operaters to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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