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Can We Just Stop Arresting Anti-Gay Street Preachers Like Anthony Rollins?

We already learned from Dale Mcapline that arresting street preachers for telling passers-by gays are going to hell isn’t just stupid, it gives religious zealots a chance to sue government officials for violating their religious freedoms. And that’s exactly what fellow British street preacher Anthony Rollins did after his June 2008 arrest (and four-hour jail sentence) for quoting the King James Bible’s 1 Corinthians that supposedly lumps in gays with “abusers of themselves with mankind.” He’s now receiving a £4,000 damages payment from the police department that cuffed him — a ruling I completely agree with.

Let these men fill the public square with their vitriol, because they’re actually doing us a favor. Yes, they are bullies, but it’s not as if people walking by are treating these men seriously. They view them as a nuisance and roll their eyes at their hatemongering. It’s a street preacher’s right to believe he is spreading the gospel, the same way it is our right to ignore and condemn what he says.

If men like Rollins think we’re going to hell, so be it. I’d rather British officials spend their resources making sure crap like this and this stopped happening.