Canadian Woman Discovers Abusive Husband Was Female After Killing Him

elizabethA woman in Canada only discovered her abusive husband was actually a woman after she fatally stabbed him and paramedics had to remove his clothing.

The incident occurred in 2003, but police decided not to press charges against Elizabeth Rudavsky (right) because of the extent of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Angelo Heddington—who starved her, whipped her with a horse crop, violated her with a metal pipe, and threatened to kill her and her family.  As a result, Rudavsky suffered a collapsed lung and lost 70 pounds.

“We all come across terrible cases of abuse on children and on spouses but I’ve never in my career seen one as horrific in nature as this particular case,” said an officer covering the case.

Rudavsky tells the Discovery Channel, which devoted a recent episode of Fatal Vows to her story, that she had no idea her partner was female and using a prosthetic penis. He insisted on keeping the lights off during sex, and claimed his genitals had been burned by an ex-girlfriend.

Heddington, whose real name was Angela, first began posing as a man at age 14, and previously abused both male and female lovers in the past.