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Carl Levin Books 2 More Days For Senators Talk Talk About Homosexuals

In what could be described as a caving in to John McCain’s demands for more DADT hearings, the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Chairman Sen. Carl Levin agreed to hold two days of talks beginning Dec. 2, with Gates, Mullen, and the study’s leaders Jeh Johnson and Gen. Carter Ham appearing on the first day, and folks like Gen. Casey, Adm. Roughead, Gen. Amos, and Gen. Schwartz coming in on he second day. Is this just a formality to get Republicans on board with a vote? Or a way for Levin to yank repeal out of the final Pentagon budget bill? Stay tuned!

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  • reason

    Repeal isn’t going anywhere, they already plan to work up to Christmas Eve like healthcare to ensure that it gets done.

  • SixtyVotes

    DADT will not be repealed. We do NOT have 60 votes.

  • Stefan

    God Qweerty can never acknowledge anything positive from Democrats I guess?

    The hearings will ensure that cloture will be broken. Trust me, this issue has clearly reached a tipping point in the Senate when John Ensign supports repeal.

  • Steve

    The repeal of DADT is already in the bill. It would take 60 votes to take it out. That is not likely to happen.

    I don’t see the R’s filibustering the Defense bill over this. At some point, the DOD will miss a payroll, and immediately the US will be without a standing army. Some would volunteer to continue service without pay, but most military families actually need a paycheck, so that could not continue for very long.

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