Catholic KY H.S. Bans Lesbian Couple From Prom, So They Hold Party Outside School

Lexington Catholic High School would not allow a lesbian couple to attend senior prom this weekend, so they held their own party outside the school’s doors.

“What I experienced in the Dean’s Office was blatant homophobia,” Hope Decker told local NBC affiliate Lex18. “We were told that this school has Catholic principles and so they couldn’t let it happen.”

“At first I was really upset,” said Decker’s date Tiffany Wright “I mean, we both cried and then I was like, this is ridiculous. There’s gotta be something we could do about this.”

Kudos to them for throwing an anti-prom right outside the school, and shame on the school for being so homophobic. But what did they expect? It is a Catholic school, after all.

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  • Tracy Johnson

    God bless these brave girls for not letting this school ruin their night. Their friends support gives me a lot of hope for the future.

  • Oh, ok

    New and exciting.

  • Mitch

    This is amazing.

  • jason

    I personally don’t believe that these women are lesbians.

  • Paul

    Good for them, and great for their friends…WONDERFUL to see these young people, who are often tempted to adapt to their peers social norms, do what they felt was the right thing to do in spite of what the majority says.

  • jonjon

    Good for them, and good for their friends too for sticking by them. Happy to see it looks like they had a fun time anyway. Sometimes you can’t fight fire with fire, you gotta be creative and frustrate the fire by going around it entirely!

  • jj

    Good for them! and thats so awesome that some of their peers chose to hang outside rather than go to their own prom.

  • Ross

    I think it’s sad that a school would not allow a student to bring whomever they wanted to the senior prom, but at the same time it is a private religious institute that can put rules in place that adhere to the beliefs of the church.

  • Granster

    @jason: f*&^k you Jason!!!!!! How dare you deny someone elses love and comitment through your own jaded view.

  • ChristopherM

    @jason: I personally don’t believe Jason is human.

  • aweiuh

    i myself am catholic and i think that christians and catholics are responsible for the hatred towards LGBT youth and people in general and it is so sad
    that people who claim to love God have so much hatred in their hearts

    i know so many catholics who preach Gods word – but forget that God is love and that it is never wrong to love but that it is always wrong to hate

  • Carl

    @jason: Jason, you seem to think that every lesbian who doesn’t look like a lumberjack is doing it “for the attention”. You have *serious* issues with women, have you considered counselling for your extreme sexism?

    As for these two girls, bravo to them for making a stand. Although as the article notes, are we really supposed to be surprised that a catholic cult school would take a stance like this? Catholicism is extraordinarily homophobic – all in an attempt to distract from it’s serious paedophilia problems.

  • Geri

    @jason: The video report doesn’t say they are lesbians Jason. It refers to them as a same-sex couple, which clearly they are.

  • Geri

    @jason: I personally don’t think you are actually a homosexual man Jason. I think you are a sexually confused misogynist who fetishizes bisexual men and despises bisexual women even more than you despise women in general. You are still clearly physically strongly attracted to women – that’s why you are so obsessed with denying the queerness of any feminine looking woman.

    Please get over your misogyny and embrace your bisexuality already.

  • Andrew

    I still find it strange that these ‘christians’ can’t follow Christ’s teachings, Love thy neighbour as thy self.”

  • Dan

    I assume that these girls will google for coverage of this story and eventually find their way here. Girls, if you are reading this: I’m proud of you. You are awesome and beautiful. Keep your chins up and don’t let the bastards get you down. Best part of this story is that all those other kids joined them.

    The Millennial Generation = Best. Generation. Ever.

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