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Check out the gay movie too hot for the Catholic Church


Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The “Indecent:” Weekend

Notice how we use the quotation marks there, folks. Weekend, the debut feature from director Andrew Haigh (co-creator of Looking), found the immediate love of its audience upon release in 2011, where it took home major prizes at Outfest, Frameline and SXSW. The dissenting voice: the Catholic Church, which allowed the film to show on only 10 screens in the nation of Italy (the church owns most of the cinemas there…go figure). Given the subject matter–and given the near-pornographic films which don’t get blowback in Italy–we think that says more about the church.

Weekend follows the weekend-long hook up of Russell and Glen (Tom Cullen & Chris New), a pair of young gay men living in Nottingham. After a night of good sex, the two-part company…but can’t stop thinking about one another. When they meet up again, Glen reveals that he’s about to leave the country to attend a special art course. Are their feelings worth exploring? Or are they only inviting more pain into their already lonesome lives?

No doubt many a reader here will relate to Weekend, and the trouble distinguishing between a smitten crush and real love. The film also raises questions of monogamy and commitment, which it has the wisdom to avoid answering. Erotic, provocative and unexpectedly moving, we fell for Weekend on our first meeting. We have a feeling you will too.

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