Trans is beautiful

Check out the words of some of our favorite trans folk for Transgender Awareness Week

Laverne Cox in ‘Disclosure’

In honor of Transgender Awareness Week, we here at Queerty have gone back through the annals of our interviews to take moment to reflect on the transgender rights movement, the responsibility of representation and how opportunities for transfolk have changed in recent years. Much to our joy, so much has improved for trans artists and the opportunities afforded to them in show business.

But, don’t take it from us. Have a look at some of our favorite morsels of wisdom from some of our favorite people.

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Trans actress Shakina Nayfack on curing the pandemic fatigue with ‘Connecting…’

On the power of seeing transgender performers on screen:

I know I was young and alone at home before. A queer character became a lifeline for me. I know that this character will help people survive. That’s a huge responsibility and something I hope I can live up to. Then, within the industry, this victory we’re talking about in terms of a network sitcom is only possible because of headway made by other trans actors.

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