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Cheyenne Jackson On Glee: It’s Time For The Gay To Out-Masc Matthew Morrison

As Nikki Finke would say, Toldja the second season of Glee was going to flame so hot it’d but the first season to shame. Joining the cast (and replacing Idina Menzel as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline) is Cheyenne Jackson, the Broadway-cum-television star who’s taking on a multi-ep gig. Because if ever this show needed somebody who can sing, dance, and act, well.

It’s a nice consolation prize career trajectory after finding out his ABC pilot It Takes A Village wasn’t being picked up, yes?

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  • Marcus

    I’m drooling already.

  • Justin


  • Beck

    Hopefully he can butch up a little before filming.

  • Ethan

    Umm Queerty your title..kinda sux… He’s great but he’s def not what you would say masculine. I kinda think Ramin was right about the gay actors. No matter what anyone says you can def tell when a gay guy is playing the part…Can anyone say Cheyene (how gay is that name) is a little over the top…

  • John

    Must I be the haterbitch and say it? Gayface alert!

  • nandoism

    good lord, more gays on Glee? I can’t wait! I’ll be wearing my spandex!

  • nandoism

    @Beck: Oh that was evil–I love it!!

  • Dan

    Notice how it is always ugly people who say goodlooking people have gayface, regardless of whether the goodlooking person is gay or not. Does being ugly really make some people that bitter?

  • Lookyloo

    @Ethan: Jonathan Groff who plays Jesse St. James is gay and I had no idea until I read it somewhere.

  • hephaestion

    THANK YOU, JESUS!!!! This is the perfect show for Cheyenne Jackson. He sings, dances, acts, does comedy brilliantly… and is uber-hot! This is Cheyenne’s time to win over ALL THE WORLD!

  • WalkderDC

    I’ve been iffy on this guy ever since that interview where he said that PEOPLE Magazine did interviews right because they wouldn’t print anything about his life, or ask any questions. Figured he had some self hate.

    It’s been a few years since then and I have to say that, he is openly gay, Glee Cast him, and I think that is great. It would be a great story line if he is openly gay on the show, for one of the supposedly straight kids in the choir like Finn, to go and discuss the possibility that they might be gay with him. Think of the many many songs that he could sing during that scene. lol


    I absolutley love Ryan Murphy……..He was kinda sorta reserved in season one, not wanting to make Glee a total Gayfest. Now that it has actually become a bona fide phenonom he is doing exactaly as he wants, not having to tone it down to make the mucky mucks in suits happy………..

  • Cam

    You know, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is a show on FOX that keeps hiring the largest number of openly gay actors and actresses.

    Adding Cheyenne will make it what? 4? On one show? Thats probably more than NBC, CBS, and ABC combined.

    Kurt, Jessie, the awesome Sue Sylvester, now Cheyenne.

    This storyline will be interesting.

  • Brutus

    @Cam: FOX’s bottom line is money, period. They peddle in any sort of cheap entertainment, whether it’s Huckabee and Glenn Beck, COPS and Rescue 911, the Simpsons and Family Guy, or Glee.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love several of those shows. But just because FOX saw a huge moneymaking opportunity in feeding the right-wing crazies (who had previously relied only on radio) doesn’t mean they won’t see an opportunity in the gay and/or teen markets. Their only scruple is profit.

  • hephaestion

    @Cam: Jessie & Sue Sylvester are straight on “Glee.” Only the actors who portray them are gay. Kurt is the lone petunia in the pumpkin patch, so the number of gays on the show is actually insanely LOW. Where on EARTH can you find a Glee club with only ONE gay kid in it?

  • Cam


    Hi Hephaest, I know, I said hiring the most openly gay “ACTORS”. Since not getting jobs is one of the big excuses for people not coming out of the closet, I thought it was a good sign that all these openly gay actors and actresses were getting hired, whether or not their characters on the show were gay.

  • Blake J

    I honestly think that Glee hiring “queer” performers does just as much good as including “queer” characters on the show!

    And there will be a “queer” couple in season two!

  • Ethan

    Cheyenne is about as straight acting as Alec Mapa, come one guys..just cause you see a pretty face you go all gaga and project your stuff onto him. He’s a great Broadway guy, very stiff on 30 rock and gonna be as gay as a goose on Glee. There’s nothing wrong with it, but call it like it is…

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Ethan: Are you the guy from Newsweek?

  • hephaestion

    @Ethan: Wow, I haven’t heard such self-loathing since Mel Gibson screamed “Do I LOOK gay??”

    Cheyenne Jackson is hardly nelly. I met him once. No one there even imagined he was gay, but really what the fuck difference does it make if he WERE a Caucasian Alec Mapa? Alec Mapa is fucking brilliant and we should all be honored to be in his presence.

    And Cheyenne is possibly the most talented man in America right now. Go to YouTube and see his video of “Change is Gonna Come” and tell me it isn’t the most incredible, powerful rendition you ever heard.

  • Dawson

    @Dan: Notice how it is always “beautiful” people that show their lack of inner beauty by assuming everyone that disagrees with their point of view is an “ugly old troll.”

  • Dawson

    @Brutus: So, in other words, they are a corporation. Down with government regulations, the corporations will always keep the best will of the people in mind! *Rolls eyes!*

  • Brett

    Love him, but playing butch is not his strong suit. I keep waiting for his 30 Rock character to come out…

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