Cheyenne Jackson to Star in Horribly Offensive Mormon Musical

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are working with Avenue Q co-writer Robert Lopez to bring all your terrifying Mormon stereotypes to the boards of Broadway in their new musical, Mormon Musical, which will star the ubiquitous Cheyenne Jackson, who you know from Xanadu, YouTube and every gay party camera wall in the city. Jackson says of the show:

“It’s hilarious – very acerbic and biting. It offends everybody but does what ‘South Park’ does best, which is by the end it comes around and has something great to say…I play the main missionary, Elder something.”

The show starts rehearsals next month, so you can probably expect funny undergraments, baptism for the dead, repressed polygamy and sexual confused missionaries sometime in early ’09. If you’re hoping for non-stop Mormon bashing set to song, you might want to wait for the reviews frist, Parker and Stone’s reputation are built on skewering everybody equally, so you may find yourself a target, too. Then again, their very first musical forray was called Cannibal!