“Childish” Reichen Offers Rant Explanation, Sort Of

Reichen’s feeling regretful today.

Yesterday the Dante’s Cove actor caused a minor sensation by posting a pretty angry message on MySpace, one which many – including ourselves – assumed was directed at Reichen’s ex-flame, Ryan Barry.

Reichen insists, however, that is not the case – “My childish remarks weren’t describing anyone I’ve dated” – and offered his most sincere apologies for acting like a virtual maniac:

We all experience pain, but venting on MySpace isn’t right. I’m sorry and I regret it. I was emotional and I don’t feel any of the things I’ve said. And whoever I’ve dated that it could have been directed toward is and was never the way I may have described. I was venting on life and frustration and I apologize for offending anyone or for making myself look childish.

That’s alright, Reichen. In fact, we love when you blow your top.