Chilling Video Shows West Hollywood Dog Walker Robbed At Gunpoint

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 1.57.37 PMA West Hollywood man was out walking his dogs on North Wetherly Drive near Cynthia last night when he was robbed at gunpoint by two men. Yikes.

The whole thing was caught on video by a nearby security camera.

Around 11 p.m., a Chrysler 300 pulled up to the street and parked. As the soon-to-be victim walked by with his dogs, the car flashed its lights, signaling to the two armed men.

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The men approached, pulled our their weapons, and took the victims keys and phone. A source tells WeHoVille that the victim luckily didn’t have his wallet with him, though it’s hard to find a silver lining to being robbed at gunpoint.

Then the two robbers jumped in the car and off they drove. The victim got a clear view of the license plate as they left, which seems like a fairly amateur move.

But, then again, robbing a dog walker a gunpoint seems equally stupid.

Sgt. Richard Bowman of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station said a similar but unsuccessful robbery attempt was made, apparently by the same men, last night on Doheny Drive near Cynthia.

Watch below: