Chris Brown Cements Manly Cred By Dissing Frank Ocean

If allegedly beating Rihanna and getting into a bar fight with Drake don’t ensure Chris Rock Brown is seen as nothing but a hardcore hetero hip-hop thug, the Grammy-winning singer tried a new tact.

While in Cannes recently, the “Turn Up the Music” singer was hit up by a paparazzo, who asked him what he thought about Frank Ocean. Brown’s well-thought reply? “Man, no homo!”

Ah yes, the go-to response for hip-hoppers terrified of being misconstrued as gay. Well it’s better than some of the homophobic vitriol Brown has spewed before.

This isn’t his first beef with Ocean, though. Apparently last year the two got into a Twitter war with Brown sending cousins to chase after Ocean and threaten the R&B singer.

Okay, Chris, we get it—you’re a big tough gay, er guy.