Chris Brown Cements Manly Cred By Dissing Frank Ocean

If allegedly beating Rihanna and getting into a bar fight with Drake don’t ensure Chris Rock Brown is seen as nothing but a hardcore hetero hip-hop thug, the Grammy-winning singer tried a new tact.

While in Cannes recently, the “Turn Up the Music” singer was hit up by a paparazzo, who asked him what he thought about Frank Ocean. Brown’s well-thought reply? “Man, no homo!”

Ah yes, the go-to response for hip-hoppers terrified of being misconstrued as gay. Well it’s better than some of the homophobic vitriol Brown has spewed before.

This isn’t his first beef with Ocean, though. Apparently last year the two got into a Twitter war with Brown sending cousins to chase after Ocean and threaten the R&B singer.

Okay, Chris, we get it—you’re a big tough gay, er guy.

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  • Daez

    Why do you guys bother to give this man any recognition at all. Lord knows he did not earn any with his music. Isn’t his Grammy in hip hop? It is not like that takes any real skill.

  • Derek

    *Chris Rock typo in line one should be changed to Chris Brown

  • royinkck

    Chris Rock?

  • Acem

    Why drag Chris Rock into this?

    Anyway, Chris [Brown] and Frank have a long history of not liking each other. Their feud started long before Frank’s announcement.

  • shane

    Serious? How can anyone take this article seriously if you mistakenly refer to him as “Chris Rock”

  • roche

    Chris Rock? Don’t you mean Chris Brown?

  • timncguy

    This is Queerty’s standard level of editing of anything they post. Chris ROCK ???????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Pig

    What do you expect from a pig like this little twerp? He’s not even worth giving attention to.

  • Sozo

    Chris Brown should die in a fire. Today. Homophobic woman-beating asshole is worthless.

  • cam

    Gee, what a shock, the guy outed on Twitter when an assistant released the tweets between him and a guy he slept with acts homophobic.

    All these closet cases go through the same act.

  • Spike

    Chris Rock? Oh I get it, all black people look alike.

  • CG

    Chris Rock… Reporting without proofing is a big no no guys…

  • Anthony

    The “Chris Rock” flub is more interesting than the story itself. LOL

  • Selrah

    You know what’s even worse about the Chris Rock flub, is that the editors don’t seem to read the comments they are trying to correct their misinformation…

  • Selrah

    You know what’s even worse about the Chris Rock flub, is that the editors don’t seem to read the comments that are trying to correct their misinformation…

  • DouggSeven

    I’m guessing they were on their way to a Mensa meeting.

  • Joe T.

    I saw Chris’s self photo and believe as a result that he is fully capable of impaling himself and perhaps should.

  • Nevereclipsed81

    He’s trash. He insults gay people somehow every 6 months, he never made amends for kicking the sh*t out of Rihanna, and I’m sure he was the main cause of that bar riot.

  • Michael

    Hold on one second. There are a lot, a lot, of rumors Chris Brown is gay. Supposedly he hit Rhianna because she called him a ‘fag’. What a coward. So we have the self-loathing cowardly closet case trying to prove how not gay he is. What a piece of shite.


    Mr Brown, let me sit on your face I promise you`l changed your mind and B-cum HOMO!!. Come now man it is time to “Cum” out of the closet..

  • Avenger

    If someone who I didn’t like and actively feuded with later admitted to being gay, I would use it as amo to mock then too.

    ** shrugs **

    If you’re gay and decide to come out, you should probably make sure you don’t any enemies or detractors, because they’ll surely use this extra bit of info against you.

  • LadyL

    @Avenger: Um, what?

  • Gurl Please

    Chris Brown is a utter sack of putrid shit!

    But the fact that he and his family are ignorant, talentless goons surprises me Not. It’s the fact that he has GAY FANS who continue to support this bitch-punk despite his continued Gay Bashing Comments….So sad!

  • Mike

    @Michael: That’s why it blows me away that gays actually are fans of Whorhianna.

  • JohnnyBoy

    The Chris Rock “typo” is not surprising. I’ve seen so many errors in the short time I’ve been visiting this site. It’s kind of ghetto. Don’t you guys have a proof reader or something?

  • Acem

    Hours later, the “Chris Rock” error is still there.

  • skippy

    just another crackhead rapper who drinks cristal and thinks he has class but is really a big pile of ca ca..he probably used to suck dick for natty ice..booooo!!!!

  • Ren

    Chris Brown is not a rapper, idiot. Speaking of crackheads, there are enough grammatical errors in your comment to make an idiot stew. What did you score on the SAT’s?

  • MJ (different from the other one)

    all of these dudes in the music industry got some skeletons in the closet – pun intended. they’d do better just keeping their damn mouths shut and stop postin’ on twitter and facebook every damn day. you want people out of your personal life? first you gotta stop making it so damn easy.

  • Caleb

    Chris Brown is an asshat. No more posts about this piece of trash, PLEASE!!!

  • Wendykahn

    chris brown is a closeted sister. Not a joke. There’s rumors about him circulating. He looks like the only queen.

  • GATO

    I wish Chris knew how much i beat off to his nude pic!! hahaha

  • Spike

    Chris Rock error still hasn’t been fixed, everyone at Queerty must have headed to the bathhouse and left the str8t girl in charge, and she’s still searching for Magic Mike posts.

  • mel p

    Let’s all learn a new thing: it’s not “a new tact”, it’s “a new tack”, because it is a sailing term meaning to change direction. (An often abrupt turn, as it happens)

  • Felipe

    Chris Brown is a closet case! Never understood why he continues to bash gays, then take to twitter to apologize. What a loser!

  • Analog

    Idiot who beats up women in homophobic bigot shock!!
    Maybe he’s jealous coz Ocean had the balls to come out?

  • Belize

    No matter who he insults, Chris Brown’s music is still garbage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s there throwing shade since the same CANNOT be said of Frank Ocean’s work. :)

  • Ellipse Kirk

    @Daez: Or aas I like to call it “Hippidy Hop”, from the movie.

  • Raphael

    Being a Marine that was stationed in VA Beach and knoeing the city and the people serms like a gay relationship gone bad …….Chris Brown ..talentef tho he maybe …undercover is all i csn say…..

  • MikeyM

    It’s true, He is a thug and homophobic.

  • Cherry Boy

    There is no way to be a hip hop thug. Hip hop is for weenies. If Chris Brown wants to fight a gay there are plenty of us out here who would kick his fucking ass. Come on hip hop boy let’s do this. If you beat me I will suck your BBC!

  • jack jett

    chris brown is the sarah palin of shit music.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Chris Rock is genuinely talented, very funny and not homophobic.

    Chris Brown is talent-free homophobia-filled thug who bearts women.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Chris Rock is genuinely talented, very funny and not homophobic.

    Chris Brown is talent-free homophobia-filled thug who beats women.

  • JimmyBobby

    So did he say “Rihanna can I do ur hole? I love big strong legs and holes” and she slapped the crap outta him.

  • jack

    Chris Brown is a pretty boy who beats on women. Enough sid!

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