Queerty Interview Part II

Chris Crocker On Barebacking, Love And How RuPaul Saved Him From Self-Destruction

IMG_5836How about that Chris Crocker, huh? You know, the guy who used to be the “Leave Britney Alone” kid. He’s not that anymore — at least, he doesn’t want to be.

With a variety of irons in the fire these days, he’s been doing his best to make a clean break from his past. We talked about his career and how he thinks of himself in Part one of our interview.

In part two, the topic turns to the porn that he made with Maverick Men, along with his boyfriend Justin and their friends Cole and Hunter.

Do you plan to do for more porn?

Chris: I wouldn’t be surprised if I did it again … But it’s hard because I’ve been growing my hair out for months, I don’t want to have to cut my hair, I don’t want to have to bulk up. It’s such a compromise.

You post a lot of sexy photos on your Tumblr, is that a better outlet?

C: I don’t know that it’s good in terms of like … just the other day this girl who I do the web series with for Russel Simmons, she asked about it, and she was saying how it might affect if the show gets picked up for TV that they might not be able to keep me in the series because of the sponsors for the show.

I wanted to do a porn that was clearly me looking at the camera, I’m aware I’m doing a porn, not a sex tape, because I was interested in knocking that wall down, and going, “Why do we look at people we jerk off to as below us?” If I do a porn I want to own it. And enjoy that I did it. Because we sit in front of our computers and we’re somehow better than the people we’re jerking off to.

What’s your position on barebacking, having done it in your video?

C: I knew it was not going to be well received. I’m also friends with Cole and Hunter and we’ve been friends with them for years. So it was more about doing it with friends, even though they do it with random guys, they’re very safe as far as their testing. But I made it completely clear, I put out statements on my Tumblr when it came out to let everyone know, do as I say not as I do. I think that’s a complicated conflicting message to send, but at the same time I’ve never been America’s sweetheart. I don’t know where the shock comes from. But in terms of just barebacking, I definitely tell all of my friends to be safe. We definitely don’t bareback in our private life with random people at all. And so it was just for that scenario.

Justin: They don’t just like put two people together. You do have to get tested like every two weeks. And they even tell you not to have bareback sex outside of the porn career. It’s safer to have sex with somebody in porn than with somebody at a gay bar.


C: I’m not going to try to give people and answer or be apologetic. I did what I did. And if I ever did a bareback porn in the future, don’t be surprised. I do what I do for me, and that’s always been my message. And anyone who has a problem with that, they don’t have to work with me, they don’t have to like me.

RuPaul kind of took you under her wing and gave you advice when you started getting famous. How did that happen?

C: It was my first time to New York, and she sat me down. At this time she was telling me I’m a little overexposed. And it’s funny now how things are the complete opposite. But she was just telling me to be aware of my decisions and the people I was hanging out with, because I was so naive and I was hanging out with some really seedy people that she had met before and she was just being motherly. She really really is motherly. Like a really spiritual motherly person.

Did people give you good advice?

C: I’d like to say yes, but not really. A lot of the older people I was surrounding myself with, and I don’t like to out people, but a lot of the people I kind of looked out to when I was a little younger and more famous were sucking dick on the floor at parties, so what I was thinking was a mature adult in L.A. was really reckless. And they had these amazing jobs and I was thinking, “Oh, you can be a functional trainwreck and be a millionaire.” So that was what I was seeing all the time in Silverlake. But I’m glad I went through that. Because now businesswise, I’m so much savvier than I was as a teenager. I really had to get to my nineteenth minute of fame and phase out so I could appreciate and have some motivation.

So you made a clean break from your early role models.

C: If anything I’m turning into my Pentecostal grandmother. Even though I still do porn.


[In part three, we’ll take a look at Chris’ plans for the future, how he feels about the documentary made about him, and the backstory behind “Leave Britney Alone.”]

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  • diklikkr

    19th minute of fame? Does he really think he had one? Judging from all the trash people are consuming on television these days I guess there is room for one more lame and disgusting reality show. We will call it. How I grew my hair long and then cut it when I went back to porn.

  • litper

    Enough of this anti-gay pro-trans pro-hetero propaganda!

  • Cam

    One sort of “Where are they now” article about Crocker I can see, but two??

  • Cam

    Not to pile on,

    But there are some major stories, like the continued brutalization of gays in Russia, will Janet Napolitano come out? An Orthodox Rabbi, while on Fox News, ATTACKING Fox and the religious right for being anti-gay, etc…

    And again, another article about Crocker?

  • stranded

    I think you’re looking at the wrong place for hard-hitting news. I’ve only started reading Queerty last August. It’s an entertainment site, with some serious posts about LGBT issues.

    Also, this isn’t “another” article, it’s part 2, and part 3 will be up shortly.

  • Stefano

    @Cam and @lipter : that is why it is thelast time i wrote a comments on Queerty…they are infiltrated.

  • Niall

    I still have not seen or even accidentally come across his videos. This makes me happy.

  • DShucking

    Oh my god. Part 2? When will it end.

  • KittyLitter

    blah blah blah- your 5minutes are up crooker.

  • diklikkr

    @KittyLitter: you should eat yourself.

  • diklikkr

    @KittyLitter: Cause you stink like your name.

  • Cam


    Crocker, if you’re going to come on here and post, at least try to make it clever or interesting, becuase the spam posting about the Lexus was more clever.

    Unless this isn’t Chris Crocker but rather just a fan…in which case, awwwwwww, isn’t that cute, you picked somebody un-famous to be obsessed with.

  • myloginname

    Chris Crocker has a very interesting point of view…I may not share the same POV but I find what he has to say interesting and thought out. I think he is vastly intelligent and is still growing. He will make many mistakes along the way I am sure but will be all the better for them.

  • BlackHouston

    His 15 minutes of fame were over when I was still in middle school but at least he’s honest. Chris, don’t quite your day job bae.

  • DShucking

    @myloginname: WTF?

  • tookietookie

    I never thought anything would make me miss posts about Davey Wavey.

  • CAxlRose

    Interesting interview. And Crocker is a lot more intelligent and has a lot more depth than people know. He’s also a lot more talented than people give him credit for. Aside from the histrionic Britney video, his other videos had a pretty interesting mixture of comedy and social commentary. I just don’t know that enough people saw that other side of him. Everybody just pounced on “Leave Britney Alone!” and rode it into the ground for the five minutes he was famous and then they were done with him.

    Crocker’s biggest problem seems to be in his inability to properly channel his talents. He seems to want to be famous for just about anything, as long as he can make some money and keep his name in the headlines. In that respect, he’s probably not going to go very far in either New York or L.A. Doing bareback porn was also a mistake and a guarantee that nobody would take him seriously.

    Still, he’s young enough to where he can still find/reinvent himself. I personally liked his “Courtyard With Chris Crocker” idea that he pitched in the last interview. I think that would be a great way for him to showcase his intelligence and also give him a platform to actually conduct himself like an adult instead of jumping from one get-famous-quick scheme to another.

    Not sure how much mainstream appeal there’d be for a Gay Dr. Phil web series (and a twinkish Dr. Phil with no GED, let alone a Psy.D.). But then again he doesn’t have much mainstream appeal anyway; he can’t act, sing or dance.

    Whatever the case, I wish him the best, and at least I give him credit for trying. I’m sure there’s plenty of older WeHo queens who tried to Gruber him up so I give Crocker props for trying to earn a living. He just needs to pick a career path and stick with it.

  • GlitterKidder

    Guess I live in a very sheltered bubble. I have no idea who he is, more importantly I don’t care. This is just another random unimportant Queerty story. It has no affect on my life and does nothing to move the LGBTQ community forward. Enough of these cheap nasty tabloid stories. Please Queerty give me something I can use.
    Time to crawl back under my rock.
    *That is all for now.

  • DShucking

    @GlitterKidder: Is there no place else on the internet that you can go for serious, important stories of interest to our community?

  • DShucking

    @diklikkr: I think you responded to the wrong person.

  • DShucking

    @diklikkr: Oh don’t worry. I give it a week before we’re at odds. ;)

  • Respect4all

    @tookietookie: Yeah, I’m kinda missing Tom Daley right now. At least he’s cuter.

  • ellenhow sonded

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  • SteveDenver

    The perils of unprotected sex are such well-established facts that one just joins statistics when HIV infection or any other STD occurs. PEOPLE WHO APPEAR IN PORN ARE DISPOSABLE and it’s bizarre how the industry has them defending such activities.

    It almost seems like death camp inmates lining up for the ovens saying, “It’s cold out here and we’ll only be in there for a minute or two. We can leave any time.”

  • RomanHans

    @Cam: I seriously wish you were an editor here. The rabbi defending us was REAL, shocking, hard-core news that makes a difference to the way I perceive the world. All these twinks blathering on in desperate bids to stay in the spotlight? Uh, maybe not so important.

  • DShucking

    @RomanHans: This place is decidedly frivolous, not that there’s anything wrong with that. This is why the serious topics they covered are never done very well. Most of the time the articles they pasted from someplace else are all cut up to use the most salacious bits leaving us to search other sites for the actual details of the story.

  • Persa

    I find it fascinating that folks click on an article about Chris Crocker only to complain that it exists. There are so many other articles on Queerty each day (plus hundreds of other news/entertainment sources online).

    Why would anyone click on an article JUST to complain that the article exists?

    This happens on all blogs and news sites and I really don’t get it.
    I mean, do these same people walk into restaurants they know they already hate just to tell everyone there how much they hate that restaurant?

    Is it boredom? Is it loneliness? Rampant schadenfreude? Is it the ease of access? Is it just a desire to have something to complain about?

    Where does the drive to actively seek out things to dislike or scorn come from and why is it so active on the Internet?

    I can’t even imagine why anyone over 40 would care enough about Chris Crocker or Davey Wavey (as another example) or any young gay man active on the Internet to feel compelled to log in every time that person is mentioned on Queerty JUST to tell everyone how much they hate that person and what a waste it is to write about them.

    It’s like old women in their 60s and 70s complaining about the length of miniskirts when they haven’t worn a miniskirt in 40 years and have no actual connection to youth fashion.

    I mean even if you aren’t personally interested in a topic or person, does that mean no one else should be or Queerty should not cover that topic or person?

    Say what you will about vloggers but these young people have managed to make a living, support themselves and do something they enjoy without hurting anyone else. In the case of Davey Wavey and Tyler Oakley they have actually done a tremendous amount of good for YOUNG gay people who see them as proof that a person can be happy, loved and supported by their parents, have friends and gainful employment as an out gay person.

    I can see why a lot of the young vloggers and such don’t appeal to folks over 40 but I don’t get the ire and need to shut down any coverage of these young people.

    Wouldn’t it be better to just skip the articles you’re not interested in and leave them to the folks who care about those people/topics?

  • DShucking

    Chris Crocker is an embarrassment to gay people of all ages and we need the rest of the world to understand this. If you have such a problem with it why did you click on the article, read all the comments and then comment on it yourself in at least two threads so far? Is it really that difficult to live by your own example?

  • DShucking

    @Persa: Chris Crocker is an embarrassment to gay people of all ages and we need the rest of the world to understand this. If you have such a problem with it why did you click on the article, read all the comments and then comment on it yourself in at least two threads so far? Is it really that difficult to live by your own example?

  • Persa

    I don’t have a problem with the articles at all. I think he’s interesting to watch and read about.

    The purpose of comments threads is to have a discussion about the topic of the blog post.

    I’m trying to engage the folks commenting about why they are saying the things they are saying.

    It’s called actively participating in the discourse.

    Chris Crocker only represents himself. If you think he has the power to be an embarrassment to anyone other than himself then I think you give him far too much power.

    He’s one young person figuring his shit out. He happens to be doing it in public.

    I highly doubt anyone observing his life as it plays out (to the extent that it is visible) is conflating him with “all gay people of all ages”.

    Only homophobes think the way you have articulated because it is in their interest to see people as a monolith and not as individuals.

    The average human with reasonable critical thinking skills does not see any one gay person as a representative of all gay people.

    I love that Queerty covers so many different young gays because I think it takes all kinds and I’m fascinated with the platform these young gays and lesbians have to live their lives openly and share with other young gays and lesbians who may be isolated in homophobic places with no access to other gays and lesbians in their immediate life experience.

    I also know what my peers (in their 40s) and the older gays and lesbians I’ve known growing up got into when THEY were in their 20s and so I don’t think older gays and lesbians have a leg to stand on when it comes to being so critical and mean and snarky about the antics of these young gay men.

    Whatever I think about Chris Crocker’s life choices, he has a family who loves him, he seems intelligent and he’s not hurting anyone. So I don’t get the Pavlovian anger response generated by every post about him on Queerty.

    I only click on the links on Queerty that are about stories, people, issues I’m interested in and reading the comments is part of that experience.

    I still have no idea why folks click on posts about people they can’t stand but I think it’s fascinating that they continue to do so.

  • DShucking

    @Persa: “Ewww. Old gay people are gross.” You could have just said that since it’s the recurring theme in all your posts.

  • Matt

    Another bug chaser, la di da!

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