Queerty Interview Part II

Chris Crocker On Barebacking, Love And How RuPaul Saved Him From Self-Destruction

IMG_5836How about that Chris Crocker, huh? You know, the guy who used to be the “Leave Britney Alone” kid. He’s not that anymore — at least, he doesn’t want to be.

With a variety of irons in the fire these days, he’s been doing his best to make a clean break from his past. We talked about his career and how he thinks of himself in Part one of our interview.

In part two, the topic turns to the porn that he made with Maverick Men, along with his boyfriend Justin and their friends Cole and Hunter.

Do you plan to do for more porn?

Chris: I wouldn’t be surprised if I did it again … But it’s hard because I’ve been growing my hair out for months, I don’t want to have to cut my hair, I don’t want to have to bulk up. It’s such a compromise.

You post a lot of sexy photos on your Tumblr, is that a better outlet?

C: I don’t know that it’s good in terms of like … just the other day this girl who I do the web series with for Russel Simmons, she asked about it, and she was saying how it might affect if the show gets picked up for TV that they might not be able to keep me in the series because of the sponsors for the show.

I wanted to do a porn that was clearly me looking at the camera, I’m aware I’m doing a porn, not a sex tape, because I was interested in knocking that wall down, and going, “Why do we look at people we jerk off to as below us?” If I do a porn I want to own it. And enjoy that I did it. Because we sit in front of our computers and we’re somehow better than the people we’re jerking off to.

What’s your position on barebacking, having done it in your video?

C: I knew it was not going to be well received. I’m also friends with Cole and Hunter and we’ve been friends with them for years. So it was more about doing it with friends, even though they do it with random guys, they’re very safe as far as their testing. But I made it completely clear, I put out statements on my Tumblr when it came out to let everyone know, do as I say not as I do. I think that’s a complicated conflicting message to send, but at the same time I’ve never been America’s sweetheart. I don’t know where the shock comes from. But in terms of just barebacking, I definitely tell all of my friends to be safe. We definitely don’t bareback in our private life with random people at all. And so it was just for that scenario.

Justin: They don’t just like put two people together. You do have to get tested like every two weeks. And they even tell you not to have bareback sex outside of the porn career. It’s safer to have sex with somebody in porn than with somebody at a gay bar.


C: I’m not going to try to give people and answer or be apologetic. I did what I did. And if I ever did a bareback porn in the future, don’t be surprised. I do what I do for me, and that’s always been my message. And anyone who has a problem with that, they don’t have to work with me, they don’t have to like me.

RuPaul kind of took you under her wing and gave you advice when you started getting famous. How did that happen?

C: It was my first time to New York, and she sat me down. At this time she was telling me I’m a little overexposed. And it’s funny now how things are the complete opposite. But she was just telling me to be aware of my decisions and the people I was hanging out with, because I was so naive and I was hanging out with some really seedy people that she had met before and she was just being motherly. She really really is motherly. Like a really spiritual motherly person.

Did people give you good advice?

C: I’d like to say yes, but not really. A lot of the older people I was surrounding myself with, and I don’t like to out people, but a lot of the people I kind of looked out to when I was a little younger and more famous were sucking dick on the floor at parties, so what I was thinking was a mature adult in L.A. was really reckless. And they had these amazing jobs and I was thinking, “Oh, you can be a functional trainwreck and be a millionaire.” So that was what I was seeing all the time in Silverlake. But I’m glad I went through that. Because now businesswise, I’m so much savvier than I was as a teenager. I really had to get to my nineteenth minute of fame and phase out so I could appreciate and have some motivation.

So you made a clean break from your early role models.

C: If anything I’m turning into my Pentecostal grandmother. Even though I still do porn.


[In part three, we’ll take a look at Chris’ plans for the future, how he feels about the documentary made about him, and the backstory behind “Leave Britney Alone.”]

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