Chris Matthews Apologizes For Hillary Coverage

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews came under fire for being “dismissive” of Hillary Clinton‘s campaign. Apparently enough activists – and MSNBC executives – spoke out and forced Matthews to issue an apology

[People] point to something I said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe the morning after the New Hampshire primary, that her election to the U.S. Senate and all that’s come since was a result of her toughness, but also the sympathy for her because her husband embarrassed her by the conduct that led to his impeachment. The words I used were “messed around.”

The truth, of course finer, smarter, larger than that.

Was it fair to imply that Hillary’s whole career depending on being a victim of an unfaithful husband? No. And that’s what it sounded like I was saying. And it hurt people.

Saying that Senator Clinton got where she’s got simply because her husband did what he did to her is just as callous, and I can see now that it comes across just as nasty. Worse yet, just as dismissive.

He also says he’ll work to be “obviously in support of the right of women, of all people, the full equality and respect for their ambitions.”

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  • Martin

    Um….my parents taught me that no matter how many words are used in an apology, the phrase, “I am sorry” is a REQUIREMENT! I don’t see that, here…

  • hells kitchen guy

    Agreed. He’s way too wordy. As usual. In his defense, though, it’s hard to blame extemporaneously forever like that and not put your foot in it once in a while.

  • abelincoln

    What a load of bullshit. He’s under the illusion he has a heart? All that was was a bunch of excuses strung together to make himself feel better. Asshat.

  • ProfessorVP

    A little reality please. Bill gave Hillary the job of health care reformer, although the First Lady is neither an elected nor appointed government employee, to get her off his back. Cut to 2000, and being a scorned wife somehow entitles her to run for Senate from, of all places, a state she had never lived in. What on earth compelled Chris to take back the truth? A horse’s head on his pillow?

  • todd

    This latent homo, gasbag salivated all over Bush for the past 7 years. He talked up Bush’s manly virtues and called Clinton a ball-severing eunich maker. He’s a loon!!

  • Jack Jett

    Matthews got stung several years ago when the Clinton’s did not select him as press secretary.

    Now, like me, he is just an old, tired, bitter, washed up queen hanging on the last threads of his sanity and an old bottle of Rush.

  • ee.em.bee

    Professor VP, I assume you have demonstrable, concrete, verified and verifiable evidence of President Clinton’s motivations in appointing HC to lead the doomed health care reform effort? Otherwise, “to get her off his back” is simply a judgmental, sexist, and baseless opinion masquerading as some sort of fact. The woman is ambitious, and would probably have run for office even had Bill managed to keep his pants on. And if being a “scorned wife” were really her ONLY qualification for office, it’s surprising that she was elected twice (and decisively) in a state that — you are correct — she never previously lived in, much of which skews republican. Feel free to loathe and despise Hillary, but please do so on a factual, rather than purely emotional basis.

  • Ida Robinson

    Chris Matthews was visibly MAD! when Hillary won in New Hampshire. He kept questioning the polls and why they were incorrect and how Hillary could possibly win. He decided that it was because the “older” women had come to her defense. Well, maybe it’s news to him that “older” women are intelligent, have the right to vote, and that they also have a stake in the policies and direction of where the United States is heading.

    Chris should know women have more discernment and can do more than just “turning off the lights” at the direction of their husbands.


  • afrolito

    Chris Matthews is a woman hating idiot. His hatred for Hillary goes beyond all logic and reason. I want her to win the presidency, if for no other reason than it will cause him to have a coronary live on election night.

    professor vp, you’re stupid and sexist. Btw, RFK ran for the senate here in New York, and he never lived in the stae previously either. We New Yorkers voted for Hillary because we knew she would represent us strongly, and she has. It was also a big fuck you to the rest of country, who thought she could never get elected to any office.

  • hells kitchen guy

    ee.em.bee: Don’t even try to argue with his misogyny. Like any ingrained prejudice, he can’t even recognize it in himself.

  • ProfessorVP

    e.m.b., Hillary had no particular expertise in the field of health care. I am not the only one who thinks Bill let her head up the Task Force on the issue so he could get some peace and quiet. First Ladies generally work the charity circuit, which may on the surface seem sexist, but the reality is- F.L. is neither an elected nor appointed office. There are only two reasons Hillary Clinton won the senate race in a state she has no connection to, nor even minimal qualification for. 1) 2000 opponent Rick Lazio, an unknown upstate congressman known for absolutely nothing, blundered by waving a piece of paper in Hill’s face during debate. Even so, she only won by about 10 points. 2) 2006 opponent John Spencer, an old, reactionary former mayor of upstate Yonkers, made Bob Dole look charming by comparison. Here, Hill won a landslide, but wouldn’t have? But both cases were sheer good luck for Hillary.

    Afrolito and Hells, you’re imbeciles who believe Hillary hook, line, and sinker in her “Boo-hoo, if you don’t like me, it can only mean you hate women as an entire class” campaign. How do you guys survive? I mean not sticking your finger into electric sockets? Not fighting your own images in the mirror, like parakeets? The game of politics is not for everyone, kiddies. You actually have to know something. BTW, the Kennedys had residences in a few states, including New York. Bobby spent a good part of his childhood in the upscale NY counties of Westchester and Bronxville.

  • afrolito

    You’re still stupid and sexist vp.

    Hill won both her Senate races by wide margins, regardless of the idiots running against her. If she was so unqualified (and hated), bugs bunny would have beat her. She’s doing a great job by us, and if she loses the presidential race, she’ll be win her senate seat again.

    As far as he not having expertise in the field of health care, so what? Did Bush have experience destroying a country before he took office. Did Ronald Reagan glean his presidential experience from his b movie career. Did “The Terminator” prepare Arnold Schwartzenegger to be Governor?

    Pull your head out of your ass.

    And RFK still was’nt a resident of New York before he decided to run for senate.

  • hells kitchen guy

    afrolito: didn’t you learn anything from the SF zoo episode? Don’t inflame the dumb animals? VP will bore you to death with his orotond pedantry.

    Although I have to admit that a statement like “I am not the only one who thinks Bill let her head up the Task Force on the issue so he could get some peace and quiet” (yeah — the rightwing nutburgers on Free Republic!) is a classic of (unconscious ) sexism.

    The mind reels.

  • ProfessorVP

    Yo, Einstein. I never said Robert Kennedy was a resident of NY when he ran for Senate. All I said was New York was a state Hillary had never lived in. (Robert Kennedy did, in fact, have SOME connection to the state of New York, as opposed to no connection whatsoever.) Have an English-speaking person assist you with this.

    As far as the peace-and-quiet issue, Bill Clinton himself told Monica Lewinsky he didn’t care if Hillary was a lesbian if it kept her busy. What’s that you say? Monica’s lying? Why, you SEXIST PIG. Since Monica’s a female, and you say she’s a liar, that means you think all women are liars! Where are my smelling salts? I’m appalled at your sexism.

    It is depressing that Hillary could actually score big points first with her weepy “This is personal” rant, and then what seemed to be the staged “Iron My Shirt” show. It is for people like you, Hells, who are so fundamentally lazy that emotion is everything. (whining as an eight-year-old”) OOoooooh, you hate on Hillary because she’s a guuuuuurl. Whattsa matter, you don’t like gurrrrrrrls?” The art and game of politics is not for everybody. You and your fellow dunce Afro surely know between little and nothing about the Clintons. And Afro, this is what a dullard you are: by comparing Hill’s lack of qualifications to three Republican morons, you think this is defending her? Of course, being curious about Hillary and knowing something about her takes reading… very, very hard work. So just stick with the “anyone who’s not for Hillary is a sexist” tack. So much easier. And Hells, it looks like you finally have some major competition in the Lazy Derby.

  • hells kitchen guy

    If you learned how to write like a real person instead of a pompous acadamician wannabe, maybe people would listen to you.

    on 2nd thought: nah, they still wouldn’t .

    “Have an English-speaking person assist you with this.” “Where are my smelling salts” – um, it’s not the 19th century. think you need to update your sarcasm to, say, 1965.

    btw, you’re a horse’s ass. no, sorry – unfair to horses.

  • hells kitchen guy

    “Bill Clinton himself told Monica Lewinsky he didn’t care if Hillary was a lesbian if it kept her busy.”

    well, you’re not lazy. you’re obviously kept busy reading the supermarket tabloids.

  • ProfessorVP

    Hells, there’s a perfect title for a film of you debating me on and winning, but “Mission Impossible” has already been used.

    True, I never claimed to be the brightest person, but I will always win against you because- just in case I never mentioned this- you are LAZY. You lack curiosity. More proof: When you hear something you don’t like, well, it must come from a supermarket tabloid. If you are against Hillary, it can’t be because of her lying, corrupt ways or triangulating politics; it must be (high-pitched schoolyard taunt) “because she’s a GURRRRRRL!” Fella, why be so proud of not knowing anything?

    If you want to be a lazy-ass like, say,
    G.W. Bush, Hells, you need a staff to do your research, reading, writing, even phonetically spelling big words for your script. But even THEN people aren’t fooled. Now why not make a fresh start for 2008? Get curious about life. Start reading, ask questions. When you don’t know something, shut the fuck up and learn. The best advice you’ll ever get: more reading, less writing. No need to thank me. If you just get with the program, that will be thanks enough.

  • V Racer

    Great comments. Bottome line. Obama would sell out our security for a vote, Edwards would sell out our economy for a vote, and Hillary would sell anything for a vote. Funny that the libs who made everyone pay with their race and gender gestapo tactics are now imploding on those very issues.

  • afrolito

    Professor vp – proud graduate of the Sally Struthers school of idiocy.

  • hells kitchen guy

    afrolito: You must have seen him on Manhunt!

  • ProfessorVP

    Well, at least you kiddies are writing less. But that’s only half of it. Read more! Get curious, learn. Then before you know it, oh- fifteen or twenty years- you can really exchange ideas with me. (You have to have ideas before you can exchange them.) Y’know, as opposed to making cute little pop culture references about Sally Struthers or Manhunt, as any 8-year-old could do. Now change your ways and start reading; it’s never too late.

  • gay as life

    Holy cow – the same old argument is still going on here. Hells, I don’t know why you even bother. Just let VP putter out into obscurity. He’s almost there anyway.

  • ProfessorVP

    That’s peter out, not putter out, putz.

  • Jack Jett

    Just to try to bring this full circle.

    Chris Matthews is a fuckhead who should be forced to eat the pussy of Sally Struthers

  • hells kitchen guy

    gay as life: I know, I know. I’m being mean. It’s like sticking a pole in the cage at the zoo and watching the dumb animal get testy. Well, it’s less nasty than bear baiting. Oh wait: I AM bear baiting!

  • ProfessorVP

    Gosh, Dim Bulb, if I had a sex change, I could say, “You’re just against me because I’m a GUUUURL!”

    Basically, I’ve just said that if you knew something on the topic of Hillary, you’d know that not only to be against her has nothing to do with being AGAINST GUUUUUURLS, but many GUUUUUURLS
    don’t like Hillary either and won’t vote for her.
    Of course, knowing something about the Clintons and politics involves some curiosity, reading, research and thinking. I’m not sure if I got this point across… you are LAZY.

  • hells kitchen guy

  • hells kitchen guy

    Jesu Christu, are you ever a fucking BORE!

  • ProfessorVP

    Hells, you win the Bore-a-Thon hands down. Because I have been curious and industrious enough to be able to comment on an array of topics, whereas you are only comfortable with one topic: me. Now, in case you didn’t get the memo: you are incurious and lazy. Of course, you could correct that, and starting a new year is often the best time for resolutions. Clearly the last thing you read was “Shampoo… rinse… repeat.” As I said, you could correct that situation.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Funny, i post four words, you post a fucking treatise, and I’m the bore. But you are (inadvertently) amusing, I’ll grant you that. Sort of like watching a monkey whack off in his cage.

  • gay as life

    VP – for someone who repeats the command “read” over and over, it’s unfortunate that you can’t understand simple words. One definition for the word “putter” is “To occupy oneself in an aimless or ineffective manner.” That is why I chose that particular word. It was a play on a trite phrase. But, of course you would insist on the banal.

    To parrot you: Stop being LAZY. Pick up a dictionary and READ.

    (Gosh, Hells, you’re right! It is fun to poke the buffoon.)

  • ProfessorVP

    Hells, whenever you switch from the topic of the thread to the topic of me- which is often- I’ll have to embarrass you by going over your head. It’s not exactly like climbing Mt. Everest.

    G.A.L., who even manages to write with a lisp: I know what putter means. But there’s no expression “to putter out.” Even if you coined it, it still makes no sense. There is only one credible explanation for your replacing peter with putter: your English needs work. It’s no crime. Just get to work! You too, Hells.

  • gay as life

    A lisp? Oh “professor”, that kind of insult is more appropriate on the playground than in the classroom. If you truly believed your own logic, you wouldn’t need to stoop to such levels.

  • ProfessorVP

    Well, am I right? Be honest. You thpeak like thith.

  • hells kitchen guy

    gay as life: he fancies himself as a profound scholar of the human condition and meta-historical views, but he’s actually just some asshole who’s trying to take revenge for all the times he was beaten up on the playground by randomly lashing out at the world.

    What’s really funny about him is that he thinks he’s so “progressive,” but he can’t even see the forest (his putting all of the women, Hispanics, working-class people who support Sen. Clinton into the category of “idiots who won’t listen to reason”) for the trees (his myopic misogyny and racism).

  • ProfessorVP

    No, Empty Vessel, I don’t put ALL the women, Hispanics, working-class people or others who support Hillary because they actually know something about her and agree with her into the category of clueless, irrational idiots. Only the ones who support Hill because she has now found her inner sensitive woman, because she stands up to the “Iron My Shirt” crowd, because she has hoodwinked them into believing she wasn’t an enabler to her husband’s philandering ways,
    and – here’s where you and fellow dunce G.A.L. come in – because she conned you into believing that to be against her is to be against the broad concept of women running for president.

    I’m not sure if I’ve gotten this across, but you are LAZY. Of course it’s easier to make ME the topic. Why always take the easy way out? Have you had a thorough physical exam? Perhaps a vitamin deficiency, or some other organic cause for sluggishness. Or perhaps, not a physical problem, if you get my meaning.


  • Bill Perdue

    For those of you who don’t know him hells kitchen dummy is a racist islamophobe who hates everyone from the Middle East and wants them nuked. He pompously admits it.

    hells kitchen twit denies that gay bashing muslim jihadists armed by George Bush and Hillary Clinton are murdering our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in Iraq. Even the NY Times now admits it but hells kitchen dummy continues to lie – he says it doesn’t happen. Just like Bush and Clinton. Monkey see, monkey do.

    hells kitchen dummy has a disturbingly genocidal view towards people from the Middle East. He said “Well, let’s keep this in mind when Bill Purdue, the Prof VP and the rest of them start screaming about American imperialism. I say, go bush – nuke the bastards.’ Posted: Dec 5, 2007 at 6:02 pm. Then followed a series of posts expressing anger and shock at his toxic racism and he admitted further that “Yeah, I’m a Bush/Hill supporter. Whatever. Bomb ‘em. Bomb ‘em. They’re beyond redemption at this point. they’re a hateful mass of religious fanatics whose only purpose on this earth is to spread hatred, ignorance and intolerance.” Posted: Dec 5, 2007 at 10:30

    Like Bush and Clinton hells kitchen piglet is a war hawk and like many war hawks his refusal to don a uniform betrays him as a chickenshit chickenhawk. He’s just imitating Bush and Cheney during the Vietnam War. Monkey see, monkey do.

    The reason we should oppose Hillary Clinton is that she’s a Democrat. hells kitchen dummy lies about Clinton supporting Latinos and working people. She spent years on the Board of Directors of the union busting corporate octopus Wal-Mart. She wants to deny drivers licenses for immigrant and imported workers and their families. NAFTA and ‘deregulation’ are Clinton initiatives that are pushing us into an economic nosedive. Her party gave us DOMA and DADT, ‘lost’ the hate crimes bill and gutted ENDA.

    But as awful as her record is you have to feel sorry for Hillary when she’s reduced to having third rate hacks like hells kitchen dummy defend her.

  • ProfessorVP

    Mr. Perdue, I have to disagree. You catalogue the various flaws in Mr. Kitchen’s ideology. I say he has no particular ideology, since he has not bothered to gather information on any topic. A five-year-old piping up, for example, “If you don’t support Hillary, you’re a fat, smelly meanie,” is not ideology, but opinion. Are we all entitled to our opinions? Of course. But when one writes or says things that are, shall we say, intelligence-challenged, then others have the right to point that out.

  • gay as life

    Again, “professor,” you pretend to be an intellectual, but you do not actually think and reason. You chastise Hells for unthinkingly name-calling, but then you do the exactly that.

    Focusing (for some reason) on my masculinity, you jump to lump me in with Hillary supporters, even though I have said nothing about supporting her. In fact, I oppose her vehemently (because of her politics and corporatism, not because of idiotic reasons like her supposed lesbianism or spurned wife syndrome).

    But do continue to dig your own hole of illogic. You are your own undoing, far more than Hells could ever be.

  • ProfessorVP

    G.A.L., I wanted to prove a point. I picked up on your feminine ways and used them to mock you. How do you like it? Every time I post something, I can depend on Hells to stalk me and post something not about the topic of the thread, but about me. Never, “Professor, here is why you are wrong…” follwed by an explanation based upon real fact/evidence. You are guilty also. I am not an intellectual, nor have I ever claimed to be one. But I do claim to be curious about life, especially in the area of politics, and one who reads. That is why my comments carry more weight than Hells, and now yours. My calling you feminine- which even comes across on the screen- is easy for me, just as Hells calling me names also is easy. But is it worth writing? Is it worth reading?

    I never once said I opposed Hillary because she is a lesbian, and calling her a supposed lesbian is like calling Jupier a supposed planet. Both of you could use a little tune-up in the reading department. Now, of course, Hells will reply, likely on the topic of my foul breath. Or maybe you will.

  • gay as life

    VP, I’ll simply point out:

    You ignore that you jumped to lump me in with Hillary supporters.

    You think you can judge someone’s masculinity (or even gender for that matter) by their comments.

    You think that femininity is an insult.

    However much you claim to READ, your comprehension level is clearly in question. Words may pass through your eyes, but an active brain is needed to understand and dissect information, and then to form concrete ideas. Your comments simply show the shallow level of your thinking.

    With that, I’ll step off and let you to meander out to pasture.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Wow. how cool, someone bothering to dig up all my old posts (even if they are made up out of whole cloth and taken completely out of context). Makes me feel like St. Thomas Aquinas!

    Bill Purdue: I happen to think Islamic Middle Eastern societies are the most backward dealing with homosexuals – even genocidal, however, the points was specifically about post-Baathist regime … oh why bother? You’re so tied up in your precious ideology, you think the whole world is brown from having your head permanently stuck up your ass.

  • ProfessorVP

    Gay, re-read everything, and seek assistance from a grown-up if necessary. I had no idea which candidate you supported or didn’t support, and never wrote my take on that one way or the other.

    But yes, your writing does come across as, shall we say, of the sighing/eye-rolling variety. How do you like my making your personality the issue, with no regard to what the topic of the thread is?

  • hells kitchen guy

    “seek assistance from a grown-up if necessary.”
    … well, give you points for consistency, oh Great One. Can’t wait until President Clinton Redux is sworn in. There will be much rejoicing in the bars of gays.

  • hells kitchen guy

    & much gnashing of teeth by you & Comrade Purdue. Hee-yah! Can’t wait to read your comments excorciating the yahoos of the electorate for not voting for your candidate. Oh wait: Mao is dead. Who is your candidate?

  • ProfessorVP

    Not all gays and lesbians are as clueless as you, Lazy Bones. Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act by those Two-Presidents-For-The-Price-of-One Clintons, the gifts that keep on giving. Since Mao isn’t electable because he wasn’t born in the United States, and also is dead, I’m for Dennis Kucinich.

    Easy being you, Hells. Fueled by the synergy of ignorance and emotion, who needs to read anything bigger than a matchbook? Just in case I haven’t made it abundantly clear… you are lazy. It’s still January. Time to make that resolution. Get curious about the world around you. Read. Less writing, more reading needed.

  • hells kitchen guy

    OK! And your resolution should be to get off YOUR lazy ass and find a new horse to ride. Your faux superior ‘tude is as tired as your misogynistic screeds against a selfless woman.

  • gay as life

    Well, I was going to stay off of this tired old thread, but when VP continues to convolute…

    VP, you categorically state that you never wrote your take on my support of Hillary one way or the other. Wow. Your reading comprehension is so poor you apparently can’t even comprehend your own writing. Look a bit further up on this page where you wrote to Hells:

    “the ones who support Hill […] and – here’s where you and fellow dunce G.A.L. come in – because she conned you into believing that to be against her is to be against the broad concept of women running for president.”

    So, yes, in fact you did (as I said) lump me in with Hillary supporters. But god forbid facts should get in the way or your whining.

    Now I really will try to stay away from this thread, since your comments continue to reveal the level of your intellect.

  • ProfessorVP

    Hells, either you don’t know what selfless means, don’t know much about Hillary, or likely both. Gosh, why could that be?

    You are L ___ Z Y. Now, buy a vowel.

    G.A.L.: Answer this, Queenie- Do you or do you not, as your fellow Mensa member Hells, believe that I am opposed to Hillary because she’s a female, and for no other reason?

  • hells kitchen guy

    GAL: I can’t stay away. This guy’s intellectual state of mind is like the proverbial three-car pile-up. You gotta stop and look and inside, you guiltily laugh because it’s not you. You hate yourself for laughing, but you can’t help it.

    Feed the monkey. Watch the monkey wank … Monkey satisfied …

  • hells kitchen guy

    Um, Prof, it’s not cool to use a syndicated show aimed at nursing home residents for sarcasm. But at least now i know where you live. Now have the attendant wheel you back to your room. Wheel of Fortune is over …

  • ProfessorVP

    Hells, if you’d stop stalking me after most of my posts, always writing something about the topic of me, as opposed to the topic of the thread, we could call it a day right now. I know… I’m an optimist.

  • hells kitchen guy


  • ProfessorVP

    Hells, you are following me around, commenting about me- not the topic of the threat- and it matters not whether the topic is Hillary. Notice I don’t do that to you?

  • ProfessorVP


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