Chris Pine On Zachary Quinto, Spooning With Men And The Gay Film He Missed Out On

ChrisPine_225_1No wonder there’s such palpable chemistry between actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in the Star Trek films.  Pine has now revealed that he knew Quinto was gay from the moment the two met and was completely comfortable keeping the secret until his Star Trek Into Darkness costar was ready to come out publicly. 

“It was just who Zach was and that’s that. I’m sensitive, and I don’t ever want to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” Pine told Out magazine in a new cover story. “Knowing that for Zach it was more about a career thing and that he was not comfortable at the time coming out — it was fine. It was something that we kind of tiptoed around and I just took it as a given, because that’s what he wanted.”

Pine also revealed to the magazine that his very first onscreen romance was with a man in a  TV film called Surrender, Dorothy, which costarred Diane Keaton (watch a clip of Pine in drag below).

“My first intimate scene [onscreen] was with Tom Everett Scott,” Pine remembered. “He’s an incredible spooner — very warm, very sensitive.”

Pine wanted to be part of another gay-themed production — Ryan Murphy’s hotly-anticipated and very starry  (Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons) adaptation of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart, but his schedule proved to be an obstacle.

“I would have done that in a fucking heartbeat,” Pine revealed. “Right now I just want to play good roles, and if the role happens to be a gay man, that’s not of any import other than is it a good story? Does it say something that’s interesting?”

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  • CaptainFabulous

    Soooooo dreamy.

  • balehead

    Hopefully he will come out soon…can’t wait…

  • boring

    Eh, only found him attractive in Smoking Aces.
    He ruled that filthy redneck shit, yo.

  • QTYMann

    Puts a whole new light on those old Kirk/Spock stories in the old fanzines
    (The Sensuous Vulcan and Spock Enslaved).

  • tdx3fan

    @balehead: Yes, because all actors that support gays must be gay themselves. Hell, for that matter, all men that support gays must be gay themselves. All those straight male allies are just pining to get some ass. Sure!

  • EManhattan

    @tdx3fan – balehead is just part of that group of men (non-gay and gay) who think anyone who they find hot is secretly hot for them, too. He’s the gay equivalent of a male construction worker who yells “hey baby, want some of this?” at random attractive women on the street.

  • Klayton

    Mmm… I wouldn’t mind doing a little spooning with the Captain…

  • mujerado

    @balehead: He’s cool anyway. Why the assumption?

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