CO. Gay Center Vandalized

Colorado Springs made a show of its new pro-gay attitude, but at least one citizen seems to be stuck in his or her anti-gay ways.

At some point on Sunday morning, one or more vandals took two hefty rocks and tossed them through the Gay and Lesbian Center’s windows. Center staffer Mary Lou Makepeace tells KKTV:

…Two rocks were thrown through the windows here at the Gay and Lesbian Fund building Sunday morning. I don’t know if it’s because somebody saw the windows and felt like throwing rocks through the windows, or if they had a touch of homophobia that caused them to throw the rocks.

Makepeace may not be sure of the motivations, but “Diversity Forum” director Jay Patel seems sure the incident’s homophobic: “It was a targeted crime”.

Patel, whose organization works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, went on to lament the financial loss incurred by such vandalism:

It was a hateful crime… The efforts of the EDC and Chamber of Commerce and other people to attract new business to the city to allow us to grow are hampered by the fact they feel they’re not welcome to it. It’s an economics issue.

It’s really the dollar that loses in this situation, huh?