Colby Keller Just Gave Away Everything He Owns For A New Life/Art Project

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.19.03 PMDeified gay porn star Colby Keller announced several months ago that he’d be kicking off a new chapter of his life without any of the earthly possessions he came to amass in the last ten years.

Thanks to an unceremonious eviction notice he attributes to the sweeping gentrification of his former Baltimore neighborhood, the Texas native revealed that his “well-fucked ass” had been kicked out on the street back in April. His next adventure was planned to be a pilgrimage further west, one that couldn’t accommodate his “many treasures.”

In order to rid himself of his possessions, Keller staged a cheeky “POT-latch” in his apartment on April 20th (420), where he invited fans to come and take his things:

I’ve initiated a project I’m calling “Everything But Lenin” (a partial pun– dumb– on the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”).  I intend to give everything I own away for free, everything except a large metal plaque of Lenin I bought off the black market in Ukraine thanks to Ebay.  Each exchange comes with a handwritten drawing/document declaring the piece a work of art (both the document and the exchange it represents).  The only thing I ask in return is a photograph together with the object(s) of your choosing.

Art often shies from the implications of transparency.  Obfuscation captures greater intensity.  A constitution of unwritten laws governs our collective aesthetic temperament– appearance over insistence.  That said: every rule should be broken.  I’ve embedded another “utopian clause” in the project that deserves a concise explanation:

His ambitious goal to find a “buyer” to purchase the entire building and turn it into a utopian artist collective ultimately failed, so he began giving away literally everything he owned. His smart phone, his wallet, his computer, all of his clothes.

This week, Colby’s life/art project reaches a new height as he gives away his Instagram account. On Tuesday, a female named Dena Jones uploaded a selfie to his account with the caption “Sorry to disappoint, but I own this account now. Stay if you like, everyone is welcome.”

Lord knows where Colby Keller is headed next. Let’s just hope he at least stays in porn.

Update: Colby says his former Instagram account has been “removed for violating terms of service” since Dena took over.